How To Start A Home Care Agency – Simple 10 Steps to Follow

A home care agency is one that provides care for the elderly or those who may be infirm or not enough capable. Many people prefer to have home care for the elderly rather than putting them in nursing homes, so this type of agency is the way of the future when it comes to home health care.  If you want to learn how to start a home care agency, do the following:   Determine What You Need

  • Read up all about the law in your state with regards to home care workers as to what type of licensing the agency and workers need to have in order to work.  Some states have fewer requirements and restrictions as compared to others.
  • Get the licensing that you need in order to operate and start a business.
  • Do a market survey to see how much home health care workers in your area make so that you know what to charge for their services.
  • Discover where you can rent an office space as well as how much you will have to pay in administrative costs.
  • Consider a home office as well as outsourcing administrative costs.  This can help cut costs.

Build Up a Name in the Industry

  • Market your business at hospitals, nursing homes as well as churches and other places where you might find elderly people in need of home care.
  • Join local chamber of commerce organizations and get active in their activities and events.
  • Volunteer to write a column for the local newspaper regarding home health care.
  • Establish your business as an expert in the home health care field by using internet media.

Hire the Right People

  • Make sure that you understand the law regarding licensing for home health care workers.
  • Get bonded so that your company is insured against any thefts in the homes by workers.
  • Have workers get bonded as well.  This is low cost and will insure your business.
  • Get necessary insurance for your company.
  • Incorporate your company so as not to incur any personal liability for any risks occurring during home health care visits.
  • Document cases as well as any new medical conditions and ask that your workers provide you with a daily report as to the care of such individuals.
  • Get weekly or monthly updates from both the clients as well as the caretakers – stay hands on when it comes to this business as you always want to know if there are any problems as small problems can become larger if they are not taken care of directly.
  • Document any occurrences for future records.
  • Discover how long to keep records for this type of business as required by state law.

The home health care industry is one that will continue to grow in years to come.  Those who are in any area can benefit from this type of agency, although they are even more popular in warmer climates where people generally retire.  Just be sure that you take a look at any state regulations and licensing laws that are needed to start this type of business before embarking.

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