Start Internet Cafe Business: Plans and Model for Cyber Cafe Business

In today’s environment it can be said that nothing happens without Internet. Today is the time of net where time and place are no more constraints. You can expand your business, advertise, collect large amount of information through web. But it is not affordable for all to have Internet at their home.

This limit will give opportunities to those who want to start Cyber Café business.

Cyber café is useful place where one can use the net by paying fewer charges than purchasing net at home and paying for it regularly. So those who use the net occasionally are addicted and forced to go cyber café.

How to Stat an Internet Cafe Business

  • To start your own cyber café is not a bigger job. First of all you select the place and obtain a place where you can do the business. Cyber café requires Personal computers, Local area network, Net connection and other useful amenities such as Scanning devises, Printing devises, fax machines etc.
    All you have to do first is advertise your business before you start it and make the local public aware that new cyber café is going to open within their area.
  • Minimum 10 to 12 PCS are required to start with possibilities of good return initially. Electronic equipments like Computers, printers, Scanners, LAN, Internet Connections etc. are required So make appropriate arrangement for the same. The next step is determining the tariff at which it would be beneficial to customers as well to your business. See market trend, how much they charge and how much you decided to charge.
  • Develop software or purchase it from the market that will keep all the machine data, data of their usage and time calculator and charge calculating capabilities should be there in the software bought. The software can be attached internally with the accounting system you want to adopt this will allow you to keep your account automatically with this software, you need not to separately account for the above charges and usage. This will save time as well money and will ensure accuracy and excellence.
  • For Equipments and net facilities you can very well consult with Supplier of above facilities and services.

3 thoughts on “Start Internet Cafe Business: Plans and Model for Cyber Cafe Business

  1. S M Reply

    Hi all, I am staying at Gary, Texas and want to start cyber cafe. I have good location and land as well just need finance.

    Want best reply for this and need your ideas to get my cyber best…

    Thank you..

  2. A S Reply

    Good Evening, I am running two big Cyber Cafe with 20 computers in each. Now I want to start an BPO or Call Cetre, to expand my business .
    Can you help in finding good companies who can give us projects or work?
    Thanking you.

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