Free Stationery Business Plan and Sample to Start Stationery Business

Question: Hello sir, I am having capacity of 10,000 USD Suggest me the good field where I can start with my own business. I am interested in school bag manufacturing business, can you tell me what is required for the above business and the strategy I should apply.

Stationary Business Plan and Opportunities

Answer: Very nice being self employed with new idea is really a challenging as well interesting job and you are striving to do that.

Instead of starting with only school bag manufacturing business you can opt for passenger bag and house hold bags useful to preserve some materials. First of all we will discuss capital commitment on your side. For this kind of business you must be having a shop where you can carry on your manufacturing of school bags. Manufacturing of schoolbags require Sewing machines, expert tailors, Material resources, innovative designer etc. You can very well start with 8-10 sewing machines, with equal no. of tailors and for that the capital you have would be enough to tackle the entire possible initial outflow.

Then search for good supplier of raw material required for school bags, passenger bags etc.

The supplier should be selected on the basis of his market share, reputation and his ability to suffice uninterrupted demand. Cost analysis also will be major criteria in selecting a particular supplier. In now days credit policy has also became liberal in this market, so you will be able to obtain enough supply with beneficial credit policy.

Start advertise your product whether formal ways or by way of informal ways. Design and prepare attractive brochures and distribute them with in and near the area where schools are there. Be in touch with the major retailer in the market you want to in. Identify and analyze from them and customers what product , which design, what price, what brand name, consumer generally prefers because all these necessary information will really provide you the basic era of the current market and how to decide your own strategy as regards quality, design, price, advertisement etc.

Finally after starting the business is aware of major trends in the current market as well future possible market. You can provide discount to retailer to attract them to purchase your products. Initially you can follow low price high demand policy as and when your market share increases, you can increase the price after some period. Hope the above suggestion will give you some ideas.

4 thoughts on “Free Stationery Business Plan and Sample to Start Stationery Business

  1. R H Reply

    Hey, I am from Chicago, USA, and I am looking for the Notebook / Register for school – office – home- stationery business. Please give your innovative ideas and suggestions on to start Stationery Business in my area. I also want to concentrate on online selling of my products.

  2. R N Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am thinking of starting up a Stationary (Office & Printing stationary) trading business. As this is my first venture, I have very little knowledge about the business & not sure about the finances required to start this business. Can you help me to get a fair idea as to how much investment required and the procedure/steps in setting up this kind of business.
    Thank you very much.

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