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According to surveys and research global online travel business spends is going to reach nearly 150bn in year 2011, you can imagine opportunities it generates globally.

So share your ideas, thoughts and QUERIES on this here.

Question: Hi, I am based in NYC, USA.

I am very much passionate in starting my own tourism venture. Initially, I would like to start up an inbound tourism venture, and later venture towards the outbound tourism sector. I may not start up an air ticketing agency, but later when I initiate my outbound tour business, I know, I will also have to incorporate the air ticketing agency.

How to Start Home Based Travel and Tourism Business?

I request you to provide me the details of starting up an Inbound tourism venture, and also the following:

  • The contact details of the Regional Tourism office/officer.
  • The requirements of starting up this tourism venture.
  • The minimum requirement of staff.
  • The required qualification of the staff.
  • Any other infrastructure requirements (eg.
    minimum office space, types of vehicles, etc. ) to start up, say,  Inbound tourism venture.
  • The applicable government fees.
  • Any organization that assists with the government departments, in providing the license for setting up the tourism venture.

I look forward to your positive response.

16 thoughts on “Travel Business Opportunities: Internet and Home Based Travel Biz Ideas

  1. J S Reply

    Hello, I have an idea to start this tourism business here in CA and I would like to concentrate on medical tourism. I would be glad if you can help me out with the scope of this field and the legal formalities in setting up an individual firm and your advice too. Thank you.

  2. A D Reply

    I am a civil Engineer and I want a part time business to increase my income. Can you share some good travel business opportunities with me, I know the business is really lucrative, but at the same time it is too competitive also. I want to start something in travel but something unique, thus I am collecting different ideas and thoughts from others.

  3. P R Reply

    I am planning to start a travel business in HY, I haven’t got much knowledge about the business, I want to open an outlet as well as a website for booking flight tickets.

    1.) How much should be the investment?
    2.) Do I need to register my business?

    I want to make it a long run business. I don’t mind even if I don’t make profits initially. I would really appreciate if anyone can give me information about it.

  4. Sathish Reply

    Hi, I want to know details for starting an online ticket booking website. Can I get more details about starting a website and linking it with airline companies? How much I need to spend for developing such a website(approx)? Do I need to employ technical staff for the maintenance of the web site? And what are the formalities to register with department of tourism in USA?

  5. V J Reply

    Hi, I have registered my own travel company. I want to start my own home business of online ticket booking on my own website like smartsticket.

    I am a student of T.Y.B.A, I am graduate now. Every time I think to give idea, But it gets changed, I am not able to decide on right business for my field. I am thinking of the above business because my biggest friends network, they travel very frequently by using bus, train, flight, you will give site by booking any types different start business etc.

  6. L A G Reply

    I want to become an agent of tours and travels in USA and UK, I hope you can help to find right agency that can help me to open my own travel agency. In short I want to take franchisee for any good and well known travel company.

  7. K D Reply


    We have started a holiday firm in 2007. Due to mismanagement,we are planning to restructure it. Can you advice to help for this purpose. We are planning some tie up with resorts,hotels and other tourism companies,how we can do that? and how we will implement new offer in packages??
    Give some ideas,


  8. P G Reply

    Hello, good morning, I want to start a traveling business that will manage tours and travel packages
    for a group.. I mean that suppose a family of 4 member wants to visit some place
    than we will manage all things like transportation, food, hotels and etc…
    Can you provide me ideas that from what I HAVE TO START???
    Thank you.

    • H N Reply

      Nice hearing from someone who wants to be in travel business. Even I had the same plan initially but I ended up working with a car rental company. I am aware of the total travel industry in and across my city and a few states. Please revert in case you find the above info helpful to you…


  9. D N Reply

    I want to know about all the govt & legal formalities required for opening an online/offline tours n travels business ?

    As I have my own shop of communication I want to start my own travel business there, before that I want to complete all legal documents and license.

    I want to start travel business of all (Train, Bus, Airlines, Hotel bookings, travel package etc)

    Will be grateful if mail me the details.
    Thank you.

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