Water Purification Business | Plan to Start Water Filtration Business

Question: Dear Sir, I have more than 25 years experience in the Water & Waste Water treatment business. Out of the above experience, I have 18 years experience in the Middle East (Dubai) region.

Before retiring, I intend to start a small scale business such as taking up dealer ship of the water treatment equipment and chemicals in India.

I am from Bangalore and hence want to set up my business in Bangalore.

My question to you is:

  • How to approach the manufacturer who wants to give me the dealer ship for their products (Water related)?
  • What would be the initial budget to start such business?

Appreciate your reply as soon as possible.

Best regards

Answer:  As you are very well experienced person, you may know that big companies have their direct contracts for such products with the manufacturers. If you want to start dealership you can start with the consumer durables products. Like Pure it, Aqua guard etc.

Big companies like coca-cola, PepsiCo etc. have their direct contracts with the water equipments manufacturer so it is difficult to get in to that channel. But the second option is for sure possible and for that, you have to register yourself with company by the way of website or personally.

They will collect some deposit from you and give you the franchisee for their products.

If anyone wants any further guidence, you can ask questions.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Water Purification Business | Plan to Start Water Filtration Business

  1. dharmendra rathore Reply

    respected sir,
    i m msw student, i m from dahod .i want to start a small production unit like ice factory,pouch of water etc. i m ready to invest 8-10 lacs. pls suggest me suitable business.
    thank you

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Rathore,
      The capital which you have mentioned is suitable for the busines of ice factory and water pouch. You can carry out your business smoothly with this much of capital. So what guidance do you want exactly? Just tell me that and I will be in a better position to guide you.
      If you need any further information and guidance, you can surely ask your questions. Every question will be answered propely.
      Thank you.

  2. bharat malwar Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am a graduate in engineering in automobile but keenly interested to start a business of packaged drinking water.
    Initially I do not have a big investment so I am planning to start it with packaged jar of 20 litres of purified water on a hired land as there is no restriction from BIS(Bureau Of Indian Standards) for selling it as suggested by some vendors from which I am buying water treatment machines.IS it true?
    Can I sell this jars to public?
    The reason for not going through BIS is that it needs a chemical labs and quantum of space for storage etc.still there are discrepancies for getting an approval from BIS.
    Due to low budget neither I am unable to fulfill the requirements of BIS nor I can spend the time required to get it approved as currently I am on a job in a reputed firm and the hired land is too very small to construct a lab, storage space etc also I can not give it to the consultant as others do due to low budget. I will get late to start my project as I have thought.
    If I bypass BIS then it becomes quite easier to achieve my dreams.
    Shall I carry on with the same?Kindly suggest.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Bharat,
      If you do SWOT analysis of this business for you, there are less strengths and many weaknesses.
      So better to think of other ideas. I would like to advise you that you should have 4-5 business plans. If your one plan takes a lot of time then you can shift to the other. Just by wasting time in thinking “now what to do?”, will not give you any thing.
      So better to start thinking of new ides.
      There are many posts in this website. Those posts may suggest you new, innovative and affordable business ideas.
      Thank you.

  3. NIKHIL.K Reply

    My name is Nikki, I am an mechanical engineer and also holding a degree in fashion technology. Now I am working in an MNC company at Colorado. I wish to start auto spare parts manufacturing unit or a garment factory at Colorado or any other city in this state.

    I have got a capital of 100 thousand dollars. Which is most suitable at this present market condition, is it possible to start this kinds of firms with this capital and what are the requirements needed for that.

    I want your valuable guidance in this matter, you can contact me through e mail, I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  4. S T Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to start a small business regarding manufacturing of Water pouch which is of 200 ml., the market which I am targeting is small up to the one city initially, I do not have much funds to invest, As I am new to this business.

    • What steps required to start a business?
    • Which equipments required?
    • Sir, do you please help me out

  5. P R Reply

    I have few questions for starting this business,

    1. How much investment is required?
    2. What if I want to start my own water purification unit?
    3. How difficult is to launch my own mineral water business?

  6. N M Reply

    This is really good idea to start water purification business, you need to have really good business plan to get started on this.

    As you already have experience in this filed, it will be easier for you to do technical setup.

    Investment depends on the scale of business, but I will say you start on small scale and then expand after seeing response.

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