8 Seasonal Business Ideas, Opportunities: Types of Seasonal Businesses

In the summer, more and more of us come up with different seasonal business ideas. Depending on where you live, what area and in which country, there are so many seasonal business opportunities that you might as well make a reality. So, do not hesitate to do so. Seasonal business is great for students for example, who do not have studies in the summer, therefore they can dedicate more of their time for working.

In addition, many people do seasonal jobs, because there are some sorts of jobs that you can only do in the summer or winter season, depending on your living place.

Of course, seasonal business ideas also depend on your actual budget and your previous experience. It is not wise to start up a business alone about which you do not know much. Then, it is still better to go to learn somewhere, before you start it up alone.

Here, we come up with some seasonal business examples specifically for those who live in or close to a beach resort. Many of these ideas though can be realised in the cities as well:

 8 Seasonal Business Ideas

  1. Working at a buffet:  This is something you may as well try to set up alone someday, but actually, it is a nice work also if you start working for someone there, to learn about the job, then trying to make it alone too.
    There are some simple beach food, not hard to make or to get, so collect experience, might be that next year you can also set up your own business
  2. Swimming / diving instructor: That makes good money if you have some previous experience in teaching people or children how to swim.
  3. Beach lifeguard: It might be bringing you more than enough experience and you can spend all your time on the beach.
  4. Hotel jobs: Many hotel look for seasonal workforce, so why do not you give a try, might be that they are looking for you.
  5. Setting up a mini-mart: Having a mini mart with some food, fresh–drinks, newspapers and some beach toys is a huge business by the beach. This one need the finance, but beach season last long so if you choose a lucky place, you will earn a lot of money with this.
  6. Make a beach rental:  Sun umbrellas, water bicycles, boats, surfs or surfboards and scuba diving sets are often rent out not taken there, if you have some previous collection or resource you can make a small rental close to the beach, it’s a good business especially if you combine it with instruction as well.
  7. Car and motorbike rental: This is a huge business in the beach resorts. It needs some previous finance to get licences and an office, not talking about the cars, but they will make you a great income. Even if you start with a car and 2-3 motorbikes in the beginning, you can make it out a flourishing car rental by the beginning of next year.
  8. Home rental: Many people rent out their beachside houses or flat which are located in a good place. A great income can be generated by this.

There are many more ideas though which you can realise later on. If you live in the city, you can also try guiding which can bring you some good income and new friendships. Do not be shy to make your seasonal business ideas work out. You will see that you can make very nice money and then it is only up to you, if you wish to continue or to switch to something else in the next summer season.

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