Government Grants for Single Mothers to Start a Business: How to Get

Financial problems are just a few of the many problems that single mothers face, especially if they have more than one child. Government grants for single mothers are grants especially given to single mothers.

How to Get Government Grants for Single Mothers

  • Go to the family service office or economic office in the county, city/town, or state.
    Another option is to go to the unemployment office.
  • It is also possible to find government grants online. All the mother has to do is make a quick search of websites that offer such grants. There are several websites offering links to sites that offer these grants.
  • Search for the grant that you wish to avail of. There are grants intended to help the single mom
    • Pay for their own school tuitions and fees,
    • Pay for child/children school tuitions and fees,
    • Pay mortgage,
    • Pay medical bills,
    • Pay for general expenses such as bills and groceries,
    • Pay for expenses and profit to start a business etc.
  • Read the form to be filled up thoroughly. It is best that this form is filled up properly or the grant will be rejected.
    Answer the forms truthfully. Remember, all information will be checked and verified.
  • Carefully read all the information regarding the grant – its terms, requirements, qualifications, etc. Some grants are only granted to single moms who have a job.
  • Gather all the necessary requirements. Be prepared to show current paycheck stubs and tax papers. Those who do not qualify for the grant should not waste time applying for it; they will never be approved.
  • Some grants are given out for free. Some require the mother to do some form of service for payment. Some grants will require the single moms to pay a portion of the grant.
  • Government grants for single mothers to start a business can range in amount, depending on a number of factors. It is best to make even just a simple business plan. What is the nature of the business, how it will be ran, and how much expense is needed for that business. That way, the chances of being approved for the grant will be higher.

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