10 High Profit Business Ideas: Low Cost and High Profits Businesses

There are many needs that need to be met on the market place, and for the right price consumers would be willing to pay a neat price for those products and services, so sit tight and see what you can offer them.

1. EBay

  • EBay is an online auction site that has millions of visitors each day, all waiting to find a product that interests them.
  • You need to open a free account with eBay, and understand their terms of service.
  • Next, scour your attic for stuff you no longer use or need, research their price on EBay, and offer them for sale, albeit at a different price from other sellers, so you can out do them, but ensuring you do not make a loss.

2. Become a Tutor

  • Schools have an endless supply of students, from kindergarten to tertiary level.
  • You can offer per hour services for one on one help with the subjects you tutor.
  • There is a lot of money involved, the rates per hour start from $20 to $75, all for simple tutoring.

3. Yoga Instructor

  • You can learn yoga or if you already know the art, you can offer classes to serious practitioners, or even those who take it as a form of exercise.
  • This has some startup costs associated with it, things like a yoga studio, marketing yourself and so on.
  • But with some creativity and ingenuity, you can pull it off with on a shoestring budget.

4. Network Marketing

  • Network marketing is all about one on one sales and recruiting, a business that requires great passion for the products involved.
  • You will get some profit from the sales of your products directly to consumers as well as some cut from the sales of people you recruited.

5. Do Web Design

  • The world-wide web has a lot of new entrants every single day, and it has become almost mandatory for any business that wants to succeed to get a website.
  • So roll up your sleeves and create great looking websites for clients, or redesign them for a small fee.
  • Most jobs will take only a small period provided you are good at what you do.

6. Sell Information Products

  • With about 2 billion google searches every day, it is pretty clear there are a lot of people looking for information in the net.
  • All you need to do is find this information, put it together, and create a great product that people are willing to buy.
  • The biggest criteria here is that the information you provide helps someone to solve a problem.
  • You can create a line up of expert interviews, web articles, e-books and the like, on various products and services.

7. Freelance Photography

  • Today’s advanced and cost-effective cameras, couple with great personal computer software, have made it easy to become a great photographer.
  • The beauty of this business is that you can do it part-time without quitting your job or full-time, depending on your circumstances.
  • You can offer your services at weddings, parties an even to family and friends, and make a nice easy living from it.

8. Interior Design

  • If you have an eye for style, then you can put this to good use as an interior designer.
  • Most jurisdictions would require you to pass an exam before you can use the title interior designer, so instead use the title decorator instead if you do not want to go to the trouble of getting yourself accredited.
  • There are various areas you can specialize these are, residential and commercial markets.
  • The two kinds of markets offer different rates and different expectations are placed on you in each, so choose what fits you best.

9. Affiliate Marketing

  • Many companies and web-masters boost their online presence and product sales via affiliate marketing.
  • Usually the programs are free to join, an all you have to do is place a hyper-link to the affiliate you work with, after getting a unique affiliate identification, on your site.
  • You will the earn some commission on every purchased product from a customer who used your link to get to the product page.

10. Chef

  • There are basically to types of chefs, a catering chefs and a personal chefs.
  • A catering chef prepares a lot of foot for different occasions, like weddings, birthdays, graduations and the like.
  • Personal chefs on the other hand, are called by individuals or families to prepare their meals, usually it’s a premium service that pays very well.
  • So if you’re a professional cook consider one of these lucrative jobs.

3 thoughts on “10 High Profit Business Ideas: Low Cost and High Profits Businesses

  1. TN Reply

    Good idea but then it finally depends upon the mindset of one by the the tutor one was good but
    how do you think about opening car showrooms, restaurant, export-import business etc from which you can get high profit. I now that the investment would be a big but still loans are available.
    Thank you.

  2. mark Reply

    I’m looking specifically for a low cost start-up business suitable for a new business incubator. Something with good potential for growth in this poor economy but with little to no overhead. Any new ideas would be appreciated.

  3. Man Reply

    Pen and Pencil manufacturing business is also one of the business where you can expect good returns on your investment, its a ocean where everyone makes good money. I know some of the veterans from this industry and heard same from everyone.

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