Incorporate a Business In California: Registration for Setting Up Business in CA

Incorporate a Business in California

A business corporation refers to a business association which has a publicly or openly registered charter that recognizes it as a legal entity separate from its own privileges or from its owners. The procedure which requires to be followed in order to become a corporation is known as incorporation.

In a broader sense, it may be said that the procedure of incorporation offers the company a separate legal status from its owners. It also serves to safeguard the owners from being legally liable individually in case any suit is filed against the company.

Setting up a Business in CA, USA

  • It is mandatory to explore into all the requirements which are needed to start a corporation in California. It is general belief that venturing into a new business in California is somewhat a complicated affair. However, you can get it quite easily if you follow proper procedure. Make it a point that most of the US cities have separate terms and conditions to follow. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get acquainted with prevailing rules that dictate setting up a business in California.
  • Find a location that is ideal for the type of your business. For this, you require to do a lot of homework. A proper location contributes much to the success of any business venture. But do not forget to calculate the operating cost that you have to cough up while hiring the property on lease. In California, lease costs vary greatly. It depends highly on the importance of the area to be chosen.
  • Make sure to write a well-researched business plan that may match the requirements of your California based business. While writing business plan, you should ask yourself some relevant questions. It would help you explore various corners of your proposed business.
  • Soon after getting confirmation about the availability of your proposed name, reserve it for your corporation. You can reserve the name by filling up Name Reservation Request Form. After completion of the form, you require to remit to California State Department.

How to Register a Business in California?

  • The incorporation procedure requires business owners to fill up forms. In order to get required form, make access to California Business Portal.
  • Before getting registered as corporation, make sure that the selected name of your business is available. You can verify it at the state department located in Sacramento through correspondence. The process involves fee.
  • The completed application form should be mailed for registration of the proposed business to the Secretary of State, Document Filing Support Unit, P.O. Box 944228, Sacramento, CA 94244-2280.

The entire process of incorporating a business in California takes a period of 6 to 8 weeks. After all the official formalities are completed, applicants would get a copy of the Articles of Incorporation along with EIN (Employer Identification Number).

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