Low Cost Business Ideas: Opportunities to Start a Low Cost Business

It is very interesting to run your own business and become an entrepreneur. Everyone can not start with a huge investment. People start with a small idea and that idea gives them success. Here you will find many low cost business ideas and opportunities.

It’s not only you who wants to start a small business but there are many.

Let me tell you that ideas are no one’s monopoly and if you have ideas, you can venture.

Look at the biggies of this era. Every business starts with a small enterprise and that’s what you are going to do. So be full of enthusiasm and jump in the world of commerce.

Low Cost Business Ideas and Opportunities

As earlier written ideas is no one’s monopoly. You need to do some brainstorm and list down some business ideas that you can start with low cost or small investment. Out of those ideas, you have to select some which are suitable to you and you can run it very comfortably.

  • You can start an agricultural business. It is the constant need area and it is something without which people can not live. You can beautifully venture in this business. You may get government aid as well if you are venturing in to some agricultural business.
  • You can start a garment store, factory outlet of some food shop in a public place where you come in to horizons of people’s visions.
  • You can start a food outlet with very small investment and then expand it with the time. You can start an estate agency and earn a handsome amount of money with very low investment.
  • You can be a franchisee of some new brands having potential in future. These franchisees require very low amount to invest and gives a great benefit in future, you have to be very selective while taking the franchisee.
  • You can start a window cleaning business which requires some equipment but can be started with very low investment.
  • You can start an online business. You can have an account on eBay and start selling small items online. This requires the lowest initial investment.
  • You can start a cyber café or a game zone in some remote area where internet facility in not available in every house.
  • You can start a repo business where you can start from home and gradually you can expand your business.
  • You can start a food delivery where you need to deliver food to office employees and others. If you can get some contracts from some corporate houses, then this business is the best one to start with. Here also you need very small amount of money to invest.
  • You can start a juice center which works on the bases of how different you are in service delivery and the taste of your product.

In such small businesses, all you need to have is a brain and some money to start with. In many businesses, you don’t even need to have more than a computer. All depends on your interest and your experience. You can venture in much small business simultaneously also. You have to be fully dedicated to your goal and the destiny is not far if you do so. If you need any further guidance, you can surely ask your questions here.

12 thoughts on “Low Cost Business Ideas: Opportunities to Start a Low Cost Business

  1. A B Reply

    Hi Scott, thanks for all your comments helped me a lot. I am from Hyderabad, I did survey the market in here.
    But it’s so disturbing because markets are up and down. So in the end I thought to set up a small scale industry just outside greater hyd, which is rural area. I have got couple of acres of land. I am thinking about food processing or agriculture…can’t decide anything, Got 10-20L capital with me. So if u can advice me how to start up or which one is good, that would be great. Thanks

  2. S Reply

    Dear Sir, I am an MBA graduate and having 8 yrs corporate experience in HR and Compliance. Would like to start a company type business in manufacturing sector with an investment of Indian Rs 15,00,000/-.

    In fact will start the manufacturing process in rural area. I am thinking for manufacturing of Azadirachta indica based toilet soap. Since the raw material for this product is plenty available in that area.

    But can you please suggest me is there any innovative business ideas which can be started in rural area which can give me maximum return? My ambition is to provide the employment in rural sector.

    Second thing am thinking to do import/export business. Will export Azadirachta indica base raw material. So can you please let me know the prospective market of this product in foreign? Please note that I have the adequate manpower resource.

    Will be highly appreciated if you can provide me some innovative model small scale project on my mail id. My mail id is mentioned here with comment.


  3. C T Reply

    Hi, I read your comment on starting new business related to SOLAR POWER. I am very much impressed by the idea however can you give me some information on how much cost is involved in it. I have upto 4-5 laks rupees that I can invest, and let me know if loan is available for such kind of business.

  4. S P Reply

    Hello sir, we are from Bangalore, I and my husband would like to do some small business with an investment of 7 to 10 Lacs. We are more interested in manufacturing. We have been trying for this opportunity thorough various sources but nothing worked out. Can you guide us in this matter & let us know if you come across some opportunities.

    • S M Reply

      Hey SP, I am also from Bangalore. But currently I am not in Bangalore. But I am also interested to do some kind of business, which we are planning to do. if you could give me your contact number, we can have chat.

  5. S H Reply

    Hello sir, I am B.E. computer and currently working as a web developer. I want to set some business line for my brother. But we don’t have much to invest. But we can adjust 30K to 50K. We have very much space in our bungalow (Bungalow is with stilt plan). So can you please suggest any business that we can start at our home?

  6. B Z Reply

    Hello, I am from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. I want to start a waste management business. There is absolutely no competition in this business here. I would like to start on a small scale till I get comfortable to invest more money. I would like to know how to go about it. Please help.
    Best Regards,

  7. BLJ Reply

    Hi, I am BLJ finished MCA. Working as Business Development Officer. Now I want to start small size business. So kindly provide information. I want to start new type of women sari and fancy dresses showroom. Can you tell me what will be the capital requirement and other legal procedure?

  8. RJ Reply

    I am MBA graduate. My family belongs to Farming. I want to start small business of cucumber powder. I can easily make available with raw material. I am not able to get the idea of who will be my end customer. their are companies who produces all type of powder of vegetable and fruits.

    I have send inquiry mail about machinery required asking for budget and all to almost 10 companies. But no response from any one. Even, I have visited consultant too for project guidance but their fees of consultation is out of the pocket. I am practicing on marketing part first because I need to understand the domestic prospective customer and then international. But I am not getting idea that how to recognized prospective customer. Once it is finalized then only I can go for next step of physical project preparation.

    If I am getting small budget machinery under govt scheme, this will be additional advantage.

    kindly suggest
    Thank you

  9. Sweety Reply


    I am a single parent of a beautiful daughter.

    I want to start a business with low investment to secure our future.i am a graduate and good in english communication .i have an experience in eduacation line.I am willing to explore in any new ventures too.

    Please suggest me what buisness i can pursue and how?

    Thnak you.

    Waiting for lots of responses.

    Sweety Sinha

  10. H J Reply

    Hello Sir, I have completed Electronics & Comm engineering and would like to be Self Employed having my own buisness. Please suggset the way forward which are the best ways of starting small scale business in Bangalore.
    I also have Idea of Opening a Computer Shop i.e. Computer/Laptop Hardware, accessionaries and Servicing. Please Help me.
    Waiting for your valuable advice sir………..

  11. Sarang Reply

    I am a BE(IT) graduate.
    I want to pursue my career in Information Security . I came to know about these certifications like CISA , CISM etc. My only question is for these certifications one should have experience in this field i.e Info. Security Auditing. How do i get that as a BE fresher will companies hire me as an Info. Security Officer or at least a trainee.????????????
    Please let me know how to get experience and from where to get it?
    Which company will hire me ? plz let me know .
    And can you tell me couple of Info. Security Auditors in MUMBAI so that i can work at there Office .??? as an assistant etc.
    Plz help me out …

    date 19 march 2012

    I will be really grateful to you if you help me out in this.

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