How to Set Up a Store on eBay: Start and Run a Successful eBay Store

An eBay Store is meant for people who have wide selling and working experience on eBay and wish to improve their selling capacity. People who sell on eBay like to set up online store in order to benefit from lower listing charges. Starting an eBay Store also involves monthly charges. So, there is no meaning in forming an eBay Store if you do not presume high volume of sales.

The idea of initiating an eBay Store inspires individual who have the zeal to get into long-term business. Launching an eBay Store means you have to create a separate logo which would give you a strong eBay presence.

How to Open a Store on eBay?

Huge entrepreneurial benefits of starting an eBay Store are known to draw lots of people. However, it is highly recommended to you to follow some tips which would help you start an eBay Store of your own. The following tips may help you create a strong eBay presence.

  • First of all, you require to create your own eBay seller account in case you have never signed in.
    Creating an eBay account requires you to go to the homepage of eBay and follow the step-by-step instructions. Make sure to mention your desired username as changing it later may land you in trouble.
  • Next, offer your credit card on file. But before you place your credit card, make sure that you are PayPal verified. You should remember that you cannot be allowed to get a seller performance level that is below the prescribed standard in case you go for Anchor Store or Premium Store.

Setting Up a Successful Store on eBay

  • Creating an eBay Store subscription means, in the first place, that you have completed Quick Store Setup. The settings that you entered during the process are not locked up forever. Therefore, you are now recommended to edit the information. You can do it by selecting the option My eBay. Then, you require to go to “Manage My Store (MMS)” for editing the information.
  • Now, you require to set up your own store categories. You would get the option of store categories lying on the left-hand side of “Manage My Store” under store design. With just clicking on store categories, you would come by Add Category button. If you click on this button, you would get a new page opened before you. At this stage, you are able to add the names of your chosen categories in the fields which are mentioned.

These are a few of the important tips which would help you set up a store on eBay and allow you to explore the unlimited business options at the premier business site.

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