How to Start a Shoe Line: Cost & Steps for Starting Your Own Shoe Line

Starting a shoe line has huge business potential. The concept of designer dominates most of the products that are available in market. Shoes have no exception. There is a wide section of consumers that prefers to purchase designers shoes only. These types of people value quality and style. They are ready to go extra mile to buy what strikes them.

Therefore, launching a shoe line can be a smart business move considering the growing trend of consumers who go for branded shoes.

How to Start Your Own Shoe Line?

  • Undertake elaborate market research for your potential business. Keep in mind that all designer products are ruled by innovation and creativity. So, your research should mainly concentrate on identifying the potential buyers of your products and their buying capacity. You should launch your product in the range that matches the requirement and buying capacity of the consumers whom you target. While researching market, try to penetrate into the domains dominated by your competitors. Introducing a range of products that has the potential to beat your competitors is the only way to boost up your shoe line business.
  • While planning to introduce your own shoe line, getting a business license and registering your trademark are requirements that you cannot afford to ignore. Business license would allow you to carry on your trade without any legal hurdle. Your trademark should be unique. For getting your trademark registered, you have to apply to the concerned department of your area to know its availability.
  • Get a cutting edge business plan. Your business plan should be developed by a professional. It should be a complete blueprint of your business and contain every detail regarding all the aspects such as determining the location of the manufacturing unit, space for office, necessary equipments for manufacturing the products, marketing strategy, skilled professionals, qualified designers, supporting staff and resources for investment.
  • Determine the site of the manufacturing unit and your office. It is not necessary that both should share the same location. While locating your manufacturing unit, make sure to choose a place that is accessible to main road or thoroughfare. It would help you in the shipment of the product. The manufacturing space should be spacious so that you may install necessary infrastructure. Your office should be well decorated and have comfortable seating arrangements.
  • The start-up cost for a shoe line will depend in part on whether you choose to sell high quality shoes or low quality shoes. If you are selling more expensive shoes, your cost will be higher.
  • Identify outlets, showrooms and retailers where the range of your products would be sold. You would require to recruit marketing professionals for it.

Procedure and Steps for Starting Shoe Line

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, the most important procedure and steps for starting shoe line are initiating and pursuing a powerful ad campaign to make your brand popular. An effective and strategic marketing campaign would be highly desired for at this stage. While undertaking marketing campaign, you have to put in enough resources for ad campaigns through various media.

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    I am interested in knowing which companies I can contact to do this a designer company? A company that can create my ideas? Please give me some names of some companies. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

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