How to Apologize to a Client? Learn These 4 Important Things

To err is human- mistakes are bound to happen, more so at workplace. No matter, how ably you plan and how capable your employees are, some mistake would surely happen, which is going to make your client unhappy. The reason for the problem or fault can be anything. However, at the end of the day, it is you who have to say sorry to solve the problem.

Thus, you must know when it is better to say sorry to avoid any problem in future.

Keep these Points in Mind When Apologizing

  • Fast, not Furious: Whether you are new entrant in the business area or have been working here for more than 50 years, if there has been a problem from your end, you must apologize instantly. If you feel that there ought to be a problem in the future than you should apologize in advance as some people always do. If is better to come face-to-face and say sorry when there is still time. You would only help yourself if you say sorry to the client, even if somebody else under you has done the mistake.
  • Finessing the Client: If anything goes wrong that you have discovered but the client is still to find out, you can apologize in a different way. Try saying you could have done the work in a better way and that you are not completely satisfied with your work, etc. Ask your client to suggest ideas to solve the problem. In this way, try different ideas to apologize when you know you have done a mistake and the client would sniff it out anytime. The client would never get furious on you because you have already broken the ice with your gestures. You always have to maintain a understanding, caring, professional and emphatic attitude towards your client to expect back the same.
  • Avoid Bribing the Client: No amount of bribery would save you from the wrath of a client if you have made a mistake after spending the client’s money. It is better to apologize as soon as the mistake happens and fix it sooner than possible. It is only by fixing the stuff properly that you can keep the faith in the client. Otherwise, one client is enough to earn you a bad name.
  • Legal Ease: Always keep in mind the difference between admitting fault and apologizing. You cannot do either without accepting the other. However, it is more important to apologize. There is no need to point out the exact fault and apologize for the same. It is better to apologize for the situation and find out ways to solve the problem as early as possible.

The main fact remains that one must take the client in his confidence and make him comfortable at all time. A client would like it when you would show that you acknowledge his feelings and comprehend his frustration. However, you must never commit something that you can never accomplish just to make the client happy for the second time as this can work as boomerang

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