Ideas and Tips for Starting Your Own Button Making Business from Home

Button making business ideas can range from making and selling creatively designed buttons to those that have catchy sayings and the good news starting a button making business from home is not very expensive at all. This is a business that requires very little start up costs with regards to materials and supplies and can end up making you very successful with your own small home business.

How to Start a Button Making Business from Home?

If you are creative and can follow these simple rules or even if you are not creative and still follow these rules, chances are that you can button down your button business and make some serious cash.

Figure Out Your Market 

  • Who is going to buy your buttons?  You will of course want to have as large a market as possible and not discount anyone; however, you should have some sort of target market in mind.  Figure out who is the most likely to buy the buttons as this will influence your marketing strategy.
  • Check out supplies and materials costs.  One way to get the best price on materials and supplies for this type of business is to go online where you can purchase in bulk.  Buying craft items in bulk, you will get better prices, thus boosting your profits.
  • Come up with a few design ideas.  Start off with a few design ideas for your buttons and then build from there.  Keep your target market in mind when you are designing the buttons.
  • Create a website for your button making business.  You should always have a website when it comes to any business as this can add to your revenue and does not cost you much money to maintain.  This is where you can direct interested parties to your buttons.

Figure Out Costs and Expenses

  • Before you can price your buttons, figure out how much it will cost you to make the product, including your time that is invested as well in the project.
  • Add 20 percent onto the total cost of the buttons, including any type of shipping that may be involved in sending them to customers as well as going to the post office to mail them.  This is your estimated profit for each button sold.
  • Set aside a certain amount of capital for starting up the business that will include getting business cards as well as the initial materials and the website.

Start Your Business

  • Have a place in your home designed for the button making as well as the marketing.  Be sure to spend at least 8 hours a day either making the products or marketing them.  If you do not have any orders, be sure to spend some time with internet marketing so that you can promote your website, as well as visiting consignment shops so that you can sell the items.
  • Network with other small business owners.  Join a chamber of commerce or small business association so that you can network with others.  This can not only give your business exposure, but will also give you some marketing ideas for your button making business.
  • Visit consignment shops and other local businesses with samples.  You want to sell your buttons in any way that you can.  One of the best ways is to use consignment shops where they sell jewelry and other trinkets.
  • Remember your target market and be sure that you sell in those that will most likely be welcoming those into their store who are most likely to buy your buttons.

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