Cleaning Service Business Plan, Proposal: How to Start and Get License

The cleaning service business is one of the most demanded businesses right now. Many household owners and business institutions are seeking help to keep their environment or workplace clean. With this demand in mind, starting a cleaning service can be a very lucrative business venture.

There are some factors to consider when thinking of starting a cleaning service business.

It is therefore important to plan sufficiently ahead before tackling the possibility of this starting this particular business.

Plan and Proposal for Starting Cleaning Service

  • A cleaning service business plan and proposal not only helps iron out everything that needs to be addressed in starting the business. It also helps convince investors or agencies to help with the start-up costs needed.
  • The business plan should state the summary of the business. This part of the plan should discuss what the business is about, the services it offers, and the goals and mission of the business.
  • The business plan should also discuss in detail the marketing aspect of the business. This part discusses the services offered in detail and the targeted group of consumers or industry.
  • The business plan should also tackle competition. If there are other businesses in the same area offering the same service, this part of the business plan should mention how the cleaning service stands out from the rest. Advertising strategies are also mentioned here.
  • Lastly, a good business plan serves as a proposal for investors and local agencies. The business plan should discuss financial information such as the estimated start-up costs as well as the estimated costs of maintaining the business. A good proposal will help get positive responses from investors.

Steps to Start a Cleaning Service and How to Get License

  • Determine the target group the cleaning business will serve: residential or commercial.
  • Obtain a cleaning service business license to make it operational. Register the business and apply for taxes and other necessary legal requirements.
  • If working from home, check out zoning laws if such a business is allowed to operate in that particular residential area.
  • Secure a phone, computer, and work desk to conduct official transactions and businesses with clients.
  • Secure the necessary cleaning equipments and materials.
  • Learn bookkeeping and administrative skills especially if hiring others to do the cleaning service.
  • Open a business account to help manage money earned from the venture.
  • Obtain insurance for the company, for the self, and for the hired help. This can help earn the trust of clients and help protect the business as well.
  • Gain credentials and recommendations by offering free or discounted cleaning services to family and friends.
  • Consider franchising a cleaning service of a well-known company with an established reputation, if dealing with start-up cost problems and lack of clients.
  • Advertise through the Internet, local papers, distributing flyers, door to door, car signs, or word of mouth to help circulate the services of the cleaning service.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Service Business Plan, Proposal: How to Start and Get License

  1. G V Reply

    Hello, I m an entrepreneur. I do cleaning and roll polishing silk, fancy, cotton fabrics with a machine that use natural heat which does not spoil fabrics I fabricate these machines to sell also. I want to expand this business to other cities also. How should I go about?

    • AP Reply

      Could you please tel me more about you and your business, so that I can help you expand or take your dealership in my area as well. I am working in S. Africa. I want to start a small business with my small savings.


  2. S J Reply

    hello, I would like to start an office or house cleaning service in my area. I will be taking retirement soon. After that I would like to be my own boss. I thought starting house cleaning service would be perfect idea. I want to know how to get start? The area I live in is about 50000 people with many houses, offices and factories around. Also let me know what vacuum should I buy that works great & less expensive?
    Thank you.

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