How to Start a Courier Service Business: Plan, Ideas and Opportunities

How to Start a Courier Service?

Courier service is an important source of modern communication. Prime function of a courier service is to transport documents, packages and other consignments from one place to another place in a very fast and efficient manner. Services of courier companies are generally availed by businesses. In fact, courier services play important roles in the development and growth of businesses.

Large numbers of individuals are also benefited by the growing network of courier companies. In some countries, large courier services are known to compete with postal services.

Courier Service Business Plan and Opportunities

A courier service can be launched in various ways. These include launching a new company of your own and working with an established courier service as its franchise or subcontract. The first option requires large infrastructure and huge investment. Most of the people who want to enter courier business prefer the second option. If you want to start a courier service of your own, follow the following tips for best result.

  • On your way to start a courier service, your first step should be to find investor or lender.
    If you plan to lend financial resources from bank, never opt for any of the private investment and finance institutions. These organizations are known to charge very high rate of interest. You should come in contact with any bank, as banks are known to charge comparatively less rate of interest.
  • Get a comprehensive business plan. It is very important to write a business plan for your proposed business. In fact, business plans are known to include all details about various factors related to the proposed business. It is always recommended that one should get business plan written by an expert only. You should also keep it in your mind that the approval of your loan depends much on your business plan.
  • Acquire a business license for your proposed courier service business. For this, you require to apply to concerned department.
  • Obtain a motor driving license meant for commercial driver. For this, you require to take a driving test conducted by the motor vehicle department.
  • Starting a courier service requires getting a commercial motor driving license. So, as you proceed towards establishing a courier service of your own, apply for a motor driving license at the motor vehicle department located in your area. Once you obtain the license, you are required to buy a commercial license plate.
  • As a courier business owner, you have to employ various cars that would be used for shipment of documents and packages. The cars that would be used for transporting and shipment purposes should have the logo and name of your business painted on their bodies. This trick also serves as advertisement campaign.

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