Dog Bakery Business Plan: How to Start and Setup Pet Treat Business

Have you developed an awesome treat that your dog absolutely adores and that you think other dogs will love as well?  Are you considering sharing that special recipe with other dog owners and make a profit while doing so?  A dog bakery business is a good way to share your creations with others while earning some extra cash.  However, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before starting your own business.

Types of Pet Treat Businesses

Before you embark upon setting up your own business, you will need to decide which type of business is the best for you and what you want.

  • Bakery:  If you are planning on making your own treats, then you will need to have the facilities available to handle your baking requirements.  Have you already developed a specialty recipe for dogs?  If not, and you are planning on opening a dog bakery, then this is the first step you need to take.
  • Outsourcing:  If you don’t really have the facilities, time or desire to do the actual baking yourself, you can hire another bakery to create your treats for you.  Discuss a mutually beneficial financial agreement and be sure that they have a reliable and impeccable reputation before hiring them.
  • Wholesales:  There are a few wholesale manufactures that can provide you with private label doggy treats that you can claim as your own and sell to your customers.  Search the Internet for ideas and wholesalers that can accommodate your needs.

How to Start and Setup Dog Bakery Business

Permits, Regulations and Other Information

  • If you have decided upon having a bakery of your own you will need to check with your local city hall for their rules and regulations.  Permit and license requirements vary from states, cities and counties, so be sure to thoroughly investigate what you will need before starting your business.
  • Some states require that dog bakeries must be in a regulated bakery facility.  If this is the case, you will not likely be able to prepare your doggie treats inside of your own home.  Check all regulations before making a decision.
  • Labels are required on the food items.  They must say that they are for dogs only, or that they are for dogs.  Nutritional requirements are also necessary listing the ingredients with the largest amount/dosage first.  If the treats are just treats and do not necessarily have any nutritional value, this must also be listed.


  • Who are your targeted customers?  It is important to discover the type of customers you are trying to appeal and cater to.  For instance, you may want to sell high-end specialty treats that will attract the wealthier clientele.  Or, you may want to make an assortment of treats that dog lovers of all kinds will be able to purchase for their pets.
  • Choose the area where your business will be located carefully so that you are not bombarded with a lot of other competition.
  • Develop a website for advertisement that allows customers to order treats online.  Attend dog shows and other events to get your product out for others to sample.

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