Farm Business Plan: How to Start Small Farm: Cost and Grants for Farming

Starting a farm may sound easy. All a person needs would be land, seeds, and the skills to plant them well enough to grow. The problem comes when there is no land, no money for seeds, and no background on farming.

Starting a farm without much experience and little or no land at all can be perplexing.

However, with the right attitude and the right assistance, any person or family can start a farming business.

How to Start a Farm Business

  • Starting a farm business begins with acquiring land. Farmland may be readily available as part of the family possessions. If not, think of starting a small farm such as starting with the family garden area.
  • Starting out with a small farm is a better investment. This allows the person to acquire and save the money for expanding into a larger farm business.
  • With a small farm, a family can start planting crops in season to sell when they have grown.
  • For aspiring farmers who do not have any background on farming, it is essential to learn about the trade first as well as the skills necessary.
  • With a small farm, the farmer would only need menial costs to buy a few seeds for his or her small plot of land.
  • When enough income has been generated, the farmer can start considering buying a larger plot of farmland not only for crops but for raising livestock as well.

How to Start a Farm from Scratch

  • Another problem comes in when there is no money at all. So how does one start a farm with no money? The answer is with farm grants. Government as well as some private organizations release farm grants to help farmers start a lucrative business.
  • In order to be given a farm grant, the government or private organization must know the reasons why the farmer is putting up such a farm. There are many grants released depending on the reason for farming such as research, education, or farming developments.
  • A farm grant will give farmers enough start up money to acquire a manageable plot of farmland.
  • The next in line to be purchased should be machineries, especially for larger plots of land that cannot be tended to by hand alone.
  • Seeds and livestock should also be purchased depending on the type of farm business the farmer wants to start and make flourish.
  • Learning a little about farming can help sustain a farm. With enough knowledge, the farmer will know which seeds to plant in season, where to purchase them, how to plant them, and how to maintain them. The same goes for livestock.

With crops and livestock, farmers can start selling produce or other by-products, pay off loans if there are any, pay off workers, and enjoy profit generated.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Farm and How to Get Grants

  • If you are new to this business, it is advisable to visit local farms and discuss with them about cost of starting a farming business. You can also do some volunteer work and help them, this way you will get an practical idea about this business.
  • There are many ways to get loan or grants to start your own farm. Best place to get grants is “Federal Farm Grants”.
  • Grants are always better than loan in long term, try your best to get it from government.
  • You can do some part of your business as non profit, this give good opportunities to easily get grants.

7 thoughts on “Farm Business Plan: How to Start Small Farm: Cost and Grants for Farming

  1. B E Reply

    I am in Fort Monroe city. I would like to start a retail store for Kids clothing looking at the 1 to 12 age group at the moment.
    Below is the information I am looking at:
    1.What is the investment I should be require to start the store?
    2.For this purpose I too would be needing any bank loan.
    3.How much is the profit margin?

  2. RK Reply


    I found this place very interesting and most happening.

    I’m a Software Professional and has a decent take home salary. I don’t want to restrict myself here, I want to explore more in life. I can afford 10-15 lacs of investment and can even go for loans in banks. Family’s main occupation is farming. I want to start a business that is related to agriculture, so that my parents will be able to assist me in that and at the same time I can continue with my job, as it gives me the financial support required. I’ve been searching in net for different ideas related to that, and fortunately landed at the right place.

    It would be good if you can throw some light on the opportunities and some business ideas in this sector. Possibly different options and the ups and downs in that.

    Thank you.

  3. M M Reply

    i am a postgraduate but currently nor working. I wanna start mushroom cultivation business here. But have no idea of this business. I wanna know how much should I invest? Is this profitable business?
    Can you please suggest me any other farm business ideas?
    Thank you

  4. M H Reply

    I want to start an agriculture related business including agri related vehicles, instruments and also products like fertilizers,seeds, pesticides.Can you provide any ideas related to this field.? need an details about less cost agriculture vehicles like tractors and others.
    Thank you.

  5. S T Reply


    I’m interested in farming business and I want to start milk dairy business. Can you please suggest on these.
    1)How much capital is required to start a Dairy Farm consisting of 30 cows/buffaloes.
    2) Maintenance.
    3)Other resource like how much area is required and which breed cows/buffaloes are suitable for dry area lands of KN.

    Thank you.

  6. TK Reply

    I am a post graduate in Tropical Land Resources Management but working in the areas of construction which is not my interest area. I wanna involve in agriculture related business. Besides, I have Agricultural Engineering & Mechanization first degree. Would you please suggest the real profitable Agro-business so as to start in the near future.
    Thank you.

  7. BB Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Currently our family has 14.5 acres of inland fish farm. Now we will like to include piggery and dairy along with fishery. In order to make it possible we need some money to built infrastructure and we could hardly any proud investor in our local area. I mean my farm place. I am in search for good investor who look for good profit and can contact me.
    Thank you.

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