How to Start a Petting Zoo Business: Plan and Ideas for Starting

If you want to start a business, people will give you many ideas. But what matters is that what you like. If you love animals and you like being with them, you can start a petting zoo business. IF you are the person who loves to be with animals, this business is more than suitable for you.

You will have the real natural fun here doing this business.

You will not have even a day of hard work if you really like this business. There are many responsibilities associated with business. It is an interesting business but it is not easy. You need great knowledge and responsiveness for this business. This business needs investment as well.

Petting Zoo Business Plan and What All You Need?

  • First of all you have to register your business and get the permit. You also have to get license and other documentation before starting this business. This is also very sensitive business as many lives depend on you.
    To get license, you will have to visit the government office and get the details. You should complete all the formalities to get the license very seriously.
  • Once you are done with legal formalities, its time to have fun with your interest. You have to choose very exciting and innovative name for your business. Choose such name which is attractive to children. Your name should be lovable to children. You should choose such a name that invite children towards you.
  • You have to acquire permission from the municipality corporation to exhibit your animals in a show. For that, you will have to visit your municipality corporation office to get all the information about steps and other formalities. Once you have all the steps and information of what to do, you can get the permission following all rules and regulations. All such petting zoos in USA have to get permission and license from Department of Agriculture. You will have to take special permission for big animals and exotic animals.
  • It is advisable to insure all your animals. You should first of all get insurance policies for these animals. These insurance policies can be accident insurance, medical policy etc. It makes you tension free once you have insurance policy for these animals.
  • If you want to make your business a big success, make it very consumer friendly. If possible, try to include everything considering children friendly. You need to invest a big land. Around 10 acres of land is enough for that. You can happily run your business in this capacity.
  • Select your animals and purchase them from an authorized vendor. Please don’t commit mistake by purchasing from any random vendor. It may drag you to court and many big controversies. It would be better if you purchase your animals from a well known vendor. If you are not aware of that, you can ask someone or can search for that. But make sure that what you are doing is legal.
  • Now you need a staff like you who can understand animals. Your staff should be very humble and understanding. You need to be very careful while selecting staff. You should provide them required training before putting them on the job.
  • Now you have to market your business. You have to market it in such a way that creates a craze among public. You many have to do promotion on a big scale. You should do what you have to do to achieve your target audience.

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