Start a Pressure Washing Business: Plan, Tips and Ideas for Starting

The pressure washing business requires tools and machinery, capital, working capital, proper knowledge of machinery to carryout operations. This is very lucrative business and it is very easy to cover-up your initial investment in this business. This is a constant demanded service and everyone needs this. There is a huge market in terms of commercial market and also residential market.

You can serve your clients in different manner as per the requirement. With preparation and planning, even your local, state or the federal government might become your best customer.

Pressure Washing Business Plan and Ideas

  • First of all you have to do the market segmentation and then decide the target market. You can decide weather you want to serve residential clients or the commercial clients.
  • The residential market is comparatively huger than the commercial market. The decision is up to you. If you have more money to invest, you can definitely start at big scale and do well in whichever market
  • Carry out the SWAT analysis of the market and look the competition. You need to look closely at the social factors, technical factors, cultural business factors, environmental factors and collectively take the decision from the analysis.
    You are going to start a business so go with full preparation. It is universal truth that the man with research is always better than the chilled out.
  • Choose the type of service you want to offer. Your business model and the blueprint will directly be affected by the type of service you are going to provide. Your investment, expertise and equipments related decisions are directly connected with the service that you offer.
  • Prepare an estimated cost sheet. That will make you clearer about the service price and other related decisions. If possible, you should prepare multiple budgets with various future assumptions.
  • Estimate your timely cash inflow and outflow considering, fuel, transportation, payments, worker’s wage and other expensed, taxes, bills, permits, licenses, marketing expense and finally the profit margin.
  • Inquire about joint ventures and sub-contracts. Commercial painting companies often outsource their site preparation work, like pressure washing surfaces.
  • Register your entity under the local authority and respective associations. These registrations and affiliations will give you the unity advantages which is necessary for business.

How to Run Pressure Washing Business?

  • Purchase the necessary equipments and vehicle for the business considering your requirements. You can have a look of these equipments online from the pressure washing equipments website
  • Set-up an account system for you and start budgeting of every expense.
  • Create a marketing brochure or calendar. You can use the sample of pressure washing business plan from the Delco Cleaning models in website which is to help understanding the details of various surges and slumps.
  • If you require more human recourse, you can recruit more people. If you are not familiar with the recruitment process, you can outsource it. But the recruitment and selection should ne proper and you should get efficient employees.
  • Set salaries standards and decide what benefits will your company offer. While deciding wages, you need to be careful about the minimum wages act and other legal requirements.
  • Make contacts with various suppliers and prepare a supply chain management to be sure that you will get enough inventory whenever needed and your work doesn’t stop.
  • Start taking orders from clients and be very accurate in your service delivery. You have to develop a customer relationship and that will give a boost to your company. If your quality is good, customer will come again otherwise they may terminate your service.

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