Starbucks Franchise Opportunities: Fees, Cost and How to Take or Open

How to Open a Starbucks Franchise

  • Though Starbucks is a ubiquitous brand all over the US and other countries, it does not actually offer a “franchise”.
  • Stores not owned by the company but sell Starbucks coffee are called Starbucks licensed stores. This is actually quite confusing to the general public. So, for simplicity, we shall use the term Starbucks franchise for the rest of the article.
  • There are plenty of ways to obtain a Starbucks franchise. Among the best options is to open your own restaurant, bookstore, gift shop, or whatever business you can think of. Then, apply for a Starbucks license. If the store qualifies, Starbucks will give the license.
  • High traffic retail locations have a higher chance of obtaining a license.
  • Starbucks will then provide the retail shop owner with the necessary products and training.

Starbucks Franchise Fee and Cost

  • The costs and fees of the franchise can vary from one place to the other. This depends on a lot of factors, including the location of the retail store and the demand for the product.

How to Take Starbucks Franchise

  • Find a good retail location – the higher the traffic to this location, the better. Popular choices are inside:
    • key areas in the mall,
    • airports,
    • resorts,
    • hospitals,
    • universities,
    • and many others.
  • Make sure that the location has a lot of potential Starbucks customers. The higher the number of possible customers in any given location, the higher the chances of the license being granted.
  • Sell a product that would sell excellently along with Starbucks coffee. Popular choices would be:
    • Groceries,
    • Gift items
    • Newspapers and magazines,
    • Books,
    • Breads and pastries,
    • and others.
  • Then, contact Starbucks through their website or directly contacting company headquarters in Seattle.
  • Wait for response from Starbucks. If positive, find key personnel and staff to man the store.
  • After qualifying, Starbucks will help set up the company store by:
    • Providing equipment,
    • Providing products and supplies, and
    • Train staff.

14 thoughts on “Starbucks Franchise Opportunities: Fees, Cost and How to Take or Open

  1. N J Reply

    Hello, I am planning to open a small chain restaurant in New Mexico. I wanted to know how much assets and property one generally needs to start his own startbucks or similar kind of franchise. I know the question is quite unclear but I am looking for a big start up cost $50000 to 100,000.
    Thank you..

  2. A K Reply

    Hello, I’m a software engineer. My wife has done MBA & was also working earlier. However now she has left job. Now we want to do some small scale business together.. She as full time & I as part time. I am planning to open a Startbucks franchise.

  3. RJ Reply

    Respected sir/mam,
    I am from cosmopolitan city and with a great taste for coffee and bakery items, I would like to open a coffee bar in bangalore kindly tell me how do I go about it, already harley davidson and ducati showroom is open in bangalore and doing well so sir please tell of any business venture and will promise to make it reach the expected standards, please reply to me.
    Thank you.


    We are planning to open a coffee outlet at Hyderabad, we are more inclined to go for Starbucks brand rather than going for any other source we are already into bakery business. Kindly revert if possible (franchise outlet)

  5. ishan Reply

    I am Ishan and interested in taking starbucks franchise in Canada, can any one from Canada contact me and guide me.


    Hello, I am writing as I am very interested in obtaining more information about the possibilities of a Franchise opportunity in India. I am of Indian origin currently living in Australian running a Real Estate business. I am closely considering moving to India later this year 2012 and to set up a business in Delhi.
    With research in India showing a boom for the western style coffees / cafes I am very much interested in the popular Starbucks Franchise.
    Please if you can contact me with more information in regards to the possibilities.
    Kind Regards,

    Gulshan. Gulshan

  7. Dhaval Shah Reply

    Hello, I am Dhaval Shah having my own place in ahmedabad in posh area, and I am very interested in starbucks … so please give your respond as soon as possible… Thanks and regards…

  8. manideep Reply

    I have done my MBA and I am very much interested in doing a business that relates to food industry.

    Can you send me the information regarding cost for starting a Starbucks coffee in India, and what all are the requirements?

  9. Sijo Sebastian Reply

    Dear Sir

    My MD will open newly hotel like 35 rooms , restaurant at Cochin Airport, We would like to get the Starbucks license.

    Please send us the procedure.

  10. shubham Reply

    Actually i want to open the Starbucks cafe in north India (Ludhiana or Chandigarh), please send what are procedure or requirement to set up, contact no.too. thanks

  11. anthony Jiang Reply

    I would like to get informations about the start up cost or guidance on how to set up a Starbuck Franchise business here in Southern California(preferably Alhambra) or in Cambodia. Please kindly call me at 626-205-8231 or 626-476-9399. Thank you! and I’m looking forward to hearing you soon.

  12. Sheenam Goyal Reply

    Respected sir/ madam
    I would like to open a business , as a women I would not like to sit idle so I decided to have a licence of Starbucks . I had a land of 6000sq.feet in south city ludhiana( Punjab) .Its a residential cum commericial place .So please inform me about total cost investment and procedure I have to follow .I hope you would like to send reply .
    Sheenam Goyal

  13. Vikrant Reply

    i want to open the Starbucks cafe in north India, Maharashtra, Aurangabad. please send what are procedure or requirement to set up, contact no.too. thanks.

    Vikrant Gour

  14. Jay maheriya Reply

    I want to know about the Starbucks franchise or license store issued by you. I want to open Starbucks in ahmedabad, Gujarat, india can you please give me information about how much amount are taken for that and the process for opening the franchise.

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