How to Start a SPA Business or Salon: Plan, Cost to Open a Home Salon

There is high craze for beauty spa treatment among people who live in cities. The soothing and relaxing treatment offered at beauty spas is being sought by growing number of people these days. Fast growth of beauty spa industry has turned in into a huge enterprise in the USA. Immense demand of spa services has been inspiring career-oriented people to launch beauty spa business throughout the US.

Contrary to general belief, initiating spa business does not involve so much expense or complications. If you want to know how to start spa business in a hassle-free way, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Plan to Start a Spa Business

  • In order to get started for spa business of your own, you require to decide about the services and products which you are going to make available. It is recommended that at the start of your business you should offer key services such as aromatherapy, massage, manicures and body wraps only.
  • Collect information about the specific licensing requirements needed to start spa business in your state. Do not ever think of launching the business without having proper license as it would put you in grave trouble.
  • Location plays important role in the success of spa business. Make sure to locate your business at place which is frequented by tourists, weekend lovers and vacationers. It would give you an immediate boost up to your business. While hiring the property on lease, do not enter into a long term agreement.
  • You are strongly recommended to fill up W-9 tax forms. You can do this by visiting the IRS website and downloading the form. You are also required to send a request for Employer Identification Number. It can be done through a click on the link “Online SS-4” which is to be found at the menu given at the left hand side of the page.
  • In order to start a spa salon, you would require to hire a licensed masseur. There are various types of spa salons which you can opt for. These include mobile spa, home-based spa and spa parties. All these three options need license to be acquired from local bodies.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Spa Business?

It would cost about to $80000-100000  to start a spa business and other expenses to run it incessantly would depend on how many people are employed and the size of the building. Make it a point that some of the services of your proposed spa business would require you to buy special equipments which can be a bit costly.=

How to Start a Salon at Home?

In order to start a salon at home, you would require to get a cosmetology license in the first place. All the states in the US have a regulatory board meant for hairdressers. You can get in touch with the professional licensing agency of your state to know if it allows a beauty salon to be started at home. Once you are convinced that your state has no objection regarding starting a salon at home, you should proceed to get the license.

Apart from business license, other general requirements for starting salon at home in USA include a DBA, tax ID and the name of your business.

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