Ideas for Starting an Art Business: How to Open Arts Business

Types of Businesses You can Do in Arts Field


  • With the economy in a recession, and businesses still downsizing or at the very least not hiring more workers, this would be an ideal time for artistically talented individuals to consider starting their own businesses.
  • ¬†All humans have an appreciation for good art, beauty and style, whether it’s in the form of a painting, or a beautifully designed dress, and many are willing to pay to acquire that pleasing work of art.
  • There are a lot of options to be considered by the prospective artistic entrepreneur, form fashion and design to sculpting, and all others in between.
  • One of the most important considerations is what kind of talent one has as well as whether they have the passion to take it up and do it to their level best, as this is required to ensure the business is viable.

A corporate art consultants

  • Art consultants give advice to individuals and businesses on how or which pieces of art to acquire.
  • This knowledge is used by clients for purposes ranging from building an investment in precious works of art to making chains of hotels aesthetically appealing to customers.
  • The art consultant is usually expected to have a thorough understanding of the current trends in the art world, and be able to tell which works are valuable, what artists are rising, and most importantly what art is not worth investing in.
  • This job is considered a stable career and the rewards are worth the work.

Buttons and badges

  • The humble badge has more uses than just holding pieces of cloth together.
  • Buttons can be personalized for any client on demand. The amount of profit that can be made is upwards of $100 an hour whenever there is work.
  • Personalized buttons can be made with printed artwork depicting team players, army insignia, political parties and the like. Some general purpose buttons and badges can be made for the general public, without any specific cause or bent.

A magazine business

  • Magazines are widely read, and despite the presence the Internet and e-reading devices, the magazine still hangs on.
  • ¬†Magazines serve to educate and entertain their audiences; this is achieved through the articles printed in it.
  • The average magazine makes money through advertising and the better and more informative the articles are the better the response to the advertisement placed in the magazine.
  • To be able to start a magazine business one has to do some market research to find out whether the demand exists, whether there is an unmet need and how it may be met. A business plan is important once the market is identified and the niche to target is known.

Jewelry based business

  • Artistically gifted individuals can make valuable jewelry pieces that can be marketed successfully.
  • To do this, one can start business that deals with jewels, the business can be home based or even have its own premises depending on expected revenue.
  • The basic steps to take would be to decide on the type of jewelry and the price range that will be featured, create a name for the business; research the market to find out the demand and the volume of sales that will be feasible.
  • A plan should be made, and once it is reviewed and the model is found to be sound, then the state or federal authorities can be contacted for licensing as well as premises if needed.

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