Summer Jobs in Maryland for College Students, 14 and 15 Year Olds

Maryland is an important business centre in USA. The service industry is the main stay of its economy. It is responsible for 71% of the state’s economic productivity and 80% of its economic growth. Maryland is the center for conferences, retail and events. It also has an established high tech and research and development sector.

Because of such robust economic activities one can come across all types of part type jobs in Maryland.

Summer Part Time Retail Jobs in Maryland

You can find all type of part time jobs in Maryland. The retail sector, marketing sector and IT sector provides the bulk of the jobs. If you wish to find easy jobs you must get into the retail sector. Some jobs available in the retail sector are that of retail sales, where you work with a team to assist in selling products. You can also get openings as part time stores manager, part time retail manager and supervisor. All these jobs are flexible in nature.

Summer Jobs in Maryland Shopping Center

Maryland shopping centers are USA’s second largest retail centers.

The city center has an annual turnover of $2 bn. The center boasts of the country’s busiest shopping centre and the biggest store. It also boasts of one of the only four Selfridges department stores, and the second largest branch of Debenhams in the country. There are several other small businesses located in the center. No wonder it offers expert employment opportunities in all fields to part timers.

Summer Job Vacancies for 141 15 Year Olds Teens

The part time job vacancies in Maryland include openings for multitude of positions. From part time domestic applicant to part time service advisor, part time tele sales, part time travel consultant, part time data entry, part time customer service team member etc – the jobs available are varied. Some part time jobs require experience whereas most are willing to take fresher provided they have an aptitude for the job.

Part Time Jobs for Students in Maryland

Students are preferred for part time jobs in Maryland. This is because of the flexible nature of the jobs. Most position made available are designed to suit students

2 thoughts on “Summer Jobs in Maryland for College Students, 14 and 15 Year Olds

  1. P K Reply

    Hello, I am studying. I am looking for a company in which I can do my summer internship project which may start probably in the mid of December and I have various beneficial research topics to work on. so if there any chance for me to do the above mentioned cause then let me know … thanking you.

  2. Angella - Uganda Reply

    Is it possible for foreigners like us also to apply for jobs? I would like to be employed in one of these job markets advertised. I have a degree in industrial Art. I can work in a textile industry, print media industry, advertising companies, liquid detergent plants, and a photographic studios. Wherever there is a vacancy or opportunity for work please let know.

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