Commercial Cleaning Business Plan: Tips for Starting it from Your Home

There are plenty of industries who are willing to hire cleaning services instead of hiring additional employees – training them and giving them benefits. Hiring cleaning services is cost effective plus it could help the company focus on its own manufacturing instead of having to deal with cleaning issues as well.

A commercial cleaning business is simply a business whose aim is to provide services to help keep another business establishment or manufacturing plant or office clean.

Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business

It is actually easy to open your own cleaning business.

  • Make a feasibility study or, at least, determine the feasibility of putting up a cleaning business in the area.
  • Once it is determined that the cleaning business will truly work, make a business plan.
  • Come up with a name for the business and obtain the necessary permits.
  • Hire the staff. Train them well on how to clean a particular area of the house, building, or establishment. Some areas might need more work; make sure the staff knows how to handle such tough jobs.
  • Make sure that the staff members you hire are hardworking, capable, honest, and willing to learn. It is alright to make some mistakes as long as these mistakes are used as guides.
  • Remember, a cleaning business might mean more hours of work – after office hours or at night or very early in the morning or other odd hours. That only means that the staff should be willing to work at odd hours, for hours on end.

Commercial Cleaning Business Plan

The business plan could make or break the business. Thus, it is important that the company has a good business plan. The following are some of the key elements that should be included in the plan.

  • Company name – it should be something that will embody the business yet catchy enough to attract the clients’ attention.
  • Location of the company headquarters – be it at home, in the garage, in a rented building, or anywhere else. This will also determine the client that the business will most likely have.
  • Key personnel involved, especially the highest ranking manager who should be skilled in running the business.
  • Business and marketing strategies.
  • Future directions of the company.

Question on this Topic

Question: Hey there, I would like to know how do I start a commercial cleaning business in USA. I am staying in FL? Can you give me few tips to jump start my business.

Answer: If you wish to start a profitable business and do not care of getting your hands dirty, its time you start a cleaning service. Before you go about it is advisable that you thoroughly research and learn the tricks of the trade as much as you can. Though much of the learning comes through practice still knowing the hassles involved can serve as an eye opener.

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business in USA?

Select the name and logo for your business carefully. Always have a well written business letters. You need to have a chart for cleaning fee estimate; letters for fee estimates; reminder letters for quotes which have not been booked; letters for new customers with fee structure and payment policies; a customer database; a checklist form meant for customers a who avail your service; as well as complaint forms.

Next come buying cleaning products. Go for branded household cleaning products. Studiously avoid bleach which can damage carpets and delicate stuff. Go for softer products like

  • Pine-Sol
  • Oil Soap
  • Scrub Free Remover
  • Soft Scrub
  • Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Furniture Polish
  • Toilet Disinfectant
  • Germicide

Purchase mops of different sizes. They must have machine washable heads; hard buckets with handles; medium and large scrub brushes, lambs wool dusters; teflon scrub pads; toilet brush; and a 3-step ladder. You also need to invest on a good vacuum cleaner

When you hire employees make sure there are following things available in your company

  • Employment Application Form
  • Cleaning Procedures Manual
  • Warning Certificates
  • And All of The Appropriate Human Resources Paperwork.

You must also have your own transportation service. When all these are in place you need to carry out extensive advertisements. Initially you will get few customers but you need to be prepared for it. Once your business picks up by dint of good work its no looking back for you.

Tips to Start Residential Cleaning Service

The best type of cleaning service you can start with is residential cleaning. People nowadays lead such a hectic life that they do have time to clean their homes. If you can help them with this you can find regular customers in no time. Moreover with large number of residences you will always have no dearth of customers. Good work spreads by word of mouth. So you can use residential cleaning services to your advantage.

Tips to Start Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet cleaning is a service much in demand. The task is so onerous that people find it best to delegate it to cleaning companies. You can cash in on this general trend. Having a special section for carpet cleaning is a very good idea. It can be less time consuming for professionals and at the same time very profitable.

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