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How Do I Start Selling Avon?

Avon is a premier cosmetic product manufacturing company that was founded in 1886. The company captures large share of global cosmetics market. Entering into a business with products manufactured by this giant company might appeal many. You can start selling the products of the company as Avon representative.

If you enter the marketing business, you would be included among more than five million Avon representatives throughout the world. Now, you have to follow certain guidelines if you want to be an Avon representative and sell the products of the company.

  • Your first move should be testing the products yourself. You might be an ardent admirer of Avon products. But it is not necessary that you have tested all the products and experienced their utility. Unless you are familiar with the products yourself, your convincing ability would lose force.
  • Once you have tested the products, you might think over visiting the website of the company. While visiting the website, you would find an online application form that you require to fill up and send.
    Soon, you would get a mail dispatched from the company with details of the products that you would require to buy in order to get started. You would also be informed about the structure of the commission that you would get.
  • Now, after finalizing the terms and conditions with the company, you are required to make a list of your potential customers. You should also send booklets and catalogue of the products to friends and family who might be potential buyers of the products.
  • In order to give your business a cutting-edge, you can employ several marketing strategies that include advertisement campaigns, launching a website of your own and recruiting sales representatives. The website that you would create should also offer the facility of online shopping.
  • In order to boost up your marketing prospects, you can also get in touch with a small business consultant or an accountant to maintain bookkeeping and keep it in order.
  • You can also benefit your business with the help of various social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. You can register with these social sites and post the address of your website on your own profile. You can also create email accounts at Google and Yahoo and use them for your Avon business. You can do it by creating a signature that must include your name and web address.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Selling Avon?

Launching an Avon selling business does not involve high expenditure as it does not require to raise any infrastructure. Main areas of investment of Avon selling business include product kits. In order to get product kits, you require to sign up.

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    Hello Sir, I am a representative. I want to open my business at the flea market but can I get a loan to buy product to sell , I need,product, a copier for copying, signs etc

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