How to Start Earthworm Farming Business for Profit: How to Do Farming

An earthworm farm can actually be a very profitable business. Depending upon where you are located and what the needs are in that area, earthworms can be an excellent enterprise to embark upon without too much work involved. Starting an earthworm farming business does require some work however; so it is best to know what to do and the best ways to market the business to make it a success.

The Earthworm Market

  • Your geographical location plays an important role in whether or not an earthworm farm will succeed.
  • Most earthworms are used for bait so if you are in an area that has a lot of fishermen and a lot of fishing holes, the farm has a good chance at success.
  • Study the other bait shops and any farms around you to compare your competition. Check for their prices, sizes of worms and their availability. This will give you an idea of what to do or not do for your own business.

Starting the Earthworm Farm Business for Profit

  • Starting small is the key so that you can get the hang of the business while building clientele.
  • Construct a box with several air holes in it that the worms will not be able to escape through.
  • Fill the box with shredded paper and potting soil. Sprinkle a generous amount of water into the mixture to keep it moist and habitable for the earthworms.
  • Let the box and mixture set for at least twenty-four hours before putting the worms into their new home.
  • Choose the earthworms you wish to farm. It’s a good idea to visit local bait shops and purchase some baby worms that you can use to build your inventory. While there, speak with the shop owners about a possible contract between the two of you where you can provide them with bait at a cheaper price for their store.

Farming the Earthworms (How to)

  • After putting the worms into their new home, give them some time to adjust and to burrow into the mixture.
  • At least once a week you should bury and hide some kitchen scraps in the mixture so that the earthworms will be able to eat in a natural habitat.
  • Remember to keep the soil mixture moist so that the earthworms will remain healthy. Be careful not to put in too much water as you do not want a saturated environment for them.
  • About every two months sift through the earthworms and choose the biggest and healthiest worms to sell. Leave the smaller ones in the box so that they can continue to grow. This is also a good time to clean the box and refresh it with new paper scraps, potting soil and water. Be sure to remove any old food particles as well.
  • Once you have ‘harvested’ the best of your earthworm crop it is time to sell them to the local bait and pet shops. Since you have been developing a business relationship with them while working on building your business, you should already have contacts who are interested in purchasing your crop.

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