ISP Business Plan, Sample and Model: How to Start an ISP Business

Question: We are working in an ISP. We are B.Tech Engineers. We would like to start our own company in next 4 yrs. We are working as RF engineers presently.  So I would like to know what are the business opportunities in ISP side and IT Networking side

We have done the courses like MCSE/CCNA.

So are we going in right path because we like this networking and working on CISCO routers. I would like to get an idea, that if we have this kind of background experience, what are the businesses that we can start in future?

Thanks a lot for valuable suggestion

Few questions summary from our side

  • What business you suggest us to start from following?
    • ISP Business?
    • Web Hosting Business?
    • Annual Maintenance of internet services of large companies?
    • Maintenance of computers and IT services of corporate?
  • What will be the initial investment requirement?
  • What will be the preferred company setup? Sole Proprietorship or Private limited company?
  • How to can loan for small business?

ISP Business Plan and Model


Well, if you are already in ISP profession, it would be better you start your own ISP company? You must already know how fast internet usages and users are increasing worldwide. This directly puts weight for ISP business.

More internet users = more demand in new internet connections

Best thing you can do is start thinking of providing wireless (Wi-Fi) internet service. Why?

  • Setting up new connection on wireless networks is extremely easy
  • It give good scalability
  • It gives good reliability in terms of troubleshooting
  • Wireless networking cuts the cost of maintenance, remarkably.
  • It gives good superb flexibility to consumers, as they can access internet even on wi-fi enable mobile phones.

How to Start an ISP Business

  • I hope you know what are the requirement of starting ISP
    • You will need to purchase bandwidth
    • You will need to setup and sales office
    • You will need to setup call center and support office.
  • If you are starting on small scale,
    • Start with providing internet services in small area, where your company can provide good services.
  • Make your presence and service robust in that area and then only move to another locality. As after sale service is MOST important in this business.
  • Have a good sales team.
  • Take help of local advertising mediums to expand your business locally.

    Things to Take Care

    • As written above, ISP business mostly, depends on after sales service.
    • Give excellent support to your customers
    • Try to setup and call center where you can provide 24x7x365 days support.

      Hope, this helps.

      5 thoughts on “ISP Business Plan, Sample and Model: How to Start an ISP Business

      1. G S Reply

        Hello, You have given good initial start up information,but I want to know the in depth information like the required investment in this field and the information regarding hardware, where to buy the hardware and some useful internet links.

        Thank you.

      2. SK Reply

        I am myself an electronic engineer working with worlds one of the leading electronic media network. I also want to start my own internet provider business in my locality. Can you help me in this regard? In technical and financial side so I can plan it.
        Thank you.

      3. OB Reply

        Hello Sir,
        I want to start my own internet service provider business in my locality of about 10 km sq. What equipment do I need to purchase to enable me to start? There is no broadband from any of the big ISP and Telephone companies in that area. Few banks there use USB wireless modems that are very expensive.

        • Scott Wilson Reply

          I think there is a big opportunity available for you. If there is no internet service available in your area, probably you can be the first person to provide internet service. You can also take some franchisee of some internet service providing company. It will need some investment, but there is a huge return that you may get.
          Thank you.

      4. Shree Reply

        We are looking to start the ISP business in our local area to provide the faster internet access at affordable rates. and need your help to know the procedure to purchase bandwidth from telecom company.
        Other Questions We have are ….

        • What are all the technical requirements and equipments we have to purchase?
        • About installation procedure, Whether it can run on existing telephone lines provided by company or we’ll have to start our own cabling things etc?
        • What could be the cost around this and license fees anything.

        We are from for Karnataka, India.

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