Jobs for Teenagers: Appropriate and Well Paying Jobs for Teens

With all the games, gadgets, nice apparel, and high tech devices that teenagers are spending their money on, sometimes parents are not willing to sponsor every item requested by their screaming teens. So finding great odd jobs can pay extremely well for young adults. Parents are usually supportive of normal odd jobs that are typical for their kid’s age and can also teach them valuable lessons.

Believe it or not, there are many jobs available for teenagers within the neighborhood, shopping center, or even right at home.

Odd Jobs for Teenagers At Home

There are many things besides getting good grades or babysitting that can earn teenagers money. Offering to sell your family’s junk on online auctions or a yard sale can really help with reducing some clutter and can earn you a nice percentage for your hard work. Especially if you are holding an online sale for items, your parents are not likely to be as familiar with the process as you are. Working for your parents doing yard or house work is also a great way to earn money and responsibility points with your parents. Doing a good job on your odd jobs around the house will help you in building trust and good credit among your folks.

Jobs for Teenagers That Pay Well

Aside from the old boring paper route, you can find many odd jobs around the neighborhood that can pay more and require less time. Consider doing work that is required by elders or younger children to provide a great cause and make some money as well.

  • Be a Tutor – If you are more familiar in a certain subject than most of your classmates, consider being a tutor for either a teenager of your age or kids younger than you. This is a great way to make money on a regular basis and can also be a great help to the community.
  • Pet-Sit for Neighbors – Whether your neighbor is an old lady who loves her weekly bingo, or a busy working couple who doesn’t have time to walk their dog, you can offer to walk and assist with feeding or cleaning for compensation. This is a good way to get exercise and also work with animals.
  • Do Yard or Cleaning Work – Even your house cannot be perfectly clean all the time so imagine your busy neighbors having to clean their own house, mow the lawn, and organize their garages. If you want to make some extra cash, doing odd jobs like this can pay a nice sum for only a couple hours of work.

How to Get Hired for Odd Jobs

As a teenager, there may be some who will not take you too seriously at first and refuse to give you the job. In this event offer to do a small job for free so that they can see how responsible and dedicated you are. It would also be wise to have other neighbors recommend and vouch for your great service.

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