How to Write a Mission or Vision Statement for Non Profit Effectively

The mission statement is key to defining your business and it’s ‘mission’ or purpose for existence.  Writing a mission statement is not as easy as it may seem.  Many people who try to write a statement end up making it too lengthy or are not able to adequately capture the purpose of the business.  Follow some basic tips and guidelines to help you write a well-thought out and meaningful statement that will define the nonprofit organization to its audience.

Understanding the Meaning of a Mission Statement

  • Before writing a mission statement it is necessary to understand exactly what they are and how they affect the nonprofit business.
  • A mission statement reflects the business.  It explains the main goals and objections of the business so that other people and organizations, including employees and investors, understand what the organization’s goals are for society.
  • The mission statement defines the organization.  Anyone should be able to read the mission statement of any organization and know exactly what they are about, even if they’ve never even heard of the business beforehand.
  • Another important aspect of the mission statement is its ability to help the nonprofit organization to achieve tax exempt status through the I.R.S.  The I.
    R.S. will read the mission statement to determine if the organization’s goals meet the guidelines for that specific area of business, and will then offer them tax exempt status if they qualify.

Tips for Writing Mission Statement for Non Profit

  • Conduct a research on the Internet and in libraries on mission statements.  There are literally thousands of materials available to learn about mission statements, how to write them and how they should reflect the business they are representing.
  • Research other organization’s mission statements and compare them to what you learn about their company.  Look specifically at the mission statement for particular companies and see how they are worded.  This will give you an idea of how different organizations tailor their statements to their own needs and ideas.
  • Speak with the heads of the departments for the company that you will be writing the mission statement for to get their opinions on the most important aspects they are trying to portray in their statement.
  • If this is a mission statement for your own company, take some time to seriously consider what exactly defines your company.  What is your ‘mission’?  What is the goal of your organization and how to you plan to implement your goals?  How do you want others to view your statement?  What, in particular, do you wish to convey the most about your organization’s goal and the ways you plan to achieve your goals?
  • Research other similar nonprofit companies to review their mission statements.  Similar organizations may have similar goals and commitment ideas that can help you fine tune your own statement.
  • Write precise and concise material.  Mission statements that are too long are not effective.  Avoid over usage of words and/or phrases.  Make the statement speak to your targeted audience in a clear and strong voice.  The statement will tell them why you are a business in this field and how you plan to meet the needs of the organization in a way that will endear them to your nonprofit cause.

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