What are Some Ways to Get Grants for Opening a Small Business

Question 1: It was Really Overwhelming and Inspiring to see so many young entrepreneurs in this site of yours.

Like All others over her Even I have an interest in becoming an Entrepreneur. I have done my BBM with Finance and working in a BPO for past 8 months. I want to start any Small scale business with my friend only for Weekends(Sat & Sun).

My Investment would would be little, as I want to get a taste of business in small time before going full time.

I am looking to open my own small business in NJ and NYC, as I have my own land there and I can easily manage my business. Can you guys share some nice ideas to open some small but lucrative business? Your Ideas would help me grow.

Question 2: Hi, I work with bank in NJ, job timings are not fixed,  I have to work more than 10 hrs in a day. I am planning to do some part time business and after the I establish my business gradually, I will leave the job and will fully concentrate on developing my business, can you suggest business ideas where I could business with capital of 30k to 40k.

I’ll be more comfortable with business related to finance and investment.

Answer: There are many small businesses you can do from home. It really depends on your skills, expertise and your past experience.

Some of the attractive small business ideas I can share with you.

  • Daycare Business
  • Bakery Business
  • Catering Business
  • Clothing Retailing
  • Cleaning Services Business

Grants To Open Small Business

  • There are many ways to get monetary aid.
    • Venture Funding
    • Loans from Banks
    • Loans from Private Investors
    • Grants from Family and Friends
  • First and foremost thing to get grants from Banks for opening small business is “Keep your credit scores in Good Standing”
    • Banks usually check credit score of business owner, before giving any loans or advances.

Remember this,

To do any business profitably and successfully, you will need good experience. Always start with small, dedicated yourself, 100% towards the business. Give time to grow it. Don’t be impatience, some businesses take time to be profitable.

22 thoughts on “What are Some Ways to Get Grants for Opening a Small Business

  1. P M Reply

    I want to invest some capital in my business . It’s a manufacturing company making bicycle seats , grip and peddle and currently the business is going on . But if I can get some amount on interest basis it could help me to grow my existing business . Since my business is well stable I can guarantee you that you will lost nothing . So anyone who can help me would be of really good help.

  2. T G Reply

    Hello sir, I am a homemaker and planning to start a wedding planning business and want to opt for bank loan..Can you guide me how to proceed for it? I want to start this business as soon as possible with the support of my family. I need your help in this regard. Thank you..

  3. A T Reply

    Hello, I am eager to start a website company. I stay in KY and have done my BBA. I want to start my own business as early as possible. I just want to know that what are the necessary things that should be required to start up the venture.

  4. S S Reply

    Hello sir

    Very much impressed by all your answers.
    Would like to know what is carrying and forwarding agency?
    I am interested in agriculture trading. Can you please suggest and advice on the same in detail.


  5. Y B Reply

    Hello, I am belonging from CA. I want to start my own business. I have a land to open a small primary school. What id the legal procedure to set up a school? I am interested in teaching field . I want your suggestion.. please help me .

  6. M T Reply


    I am interested in doing any small business in TX. I will be interested in the business start from computer . because I have own computer and computer knowledge
    Looking for reliable partnership,
    With low investment.
    what are the formalities?
    Can you advise me please.


    Mr. Murugesh.T

  7. N V Reply

    Hello friends, I am NV, Just 2 months ago I finished my mechanical engineering. Now I want to start small business related to mechanical field so please give information that which type of business is good for current market scenario?

  8. V P Reply

    Hi, I am from CA. I am Looking to start my Own Business here, I need some help and assistance. So kindly guide me to start my Business ,
    Which type is better for Business? I can Invest 50,000 – 1,50,000 only.
    Can you give me any ideas?
    I am interested in marketing,sales as I am BE in marketing.
    Thank you.

  9. P S Reply

    Hello, I am a house wife, I have completed graduation in 2003 & also done Fashion Designing diploma from NIFT.

    I have worked as a Fashion designer in export organization for almost 8 years.

    I to set up small business to utilize my skills. Need some good business ideas.

  10. R S Reply

    Hi!! I have been in garment sector for 8 years. Now, I want to open my own business in Clothing Retailing at small scale. I have very low capital to invest in this business initially, i.e. nearly 10k. Can you please advise me how it can be worked out? And how can I open my small business with less capital?

  11. K V Reply

    I am housewife and I have completed my graduate degree program, I hunting job at present but my mind always wishes to start business, because I have will power to challenge any business. I like to start jute business. I don’t know whom to contact. Either floral business, or garment business. Give me some good idea to sir. Give me some good suitable decision. It is urgent.

  12. thahir Reply

    Hi sir ………….. I want to know how to make a business.. I want to start a small factory wit less investment …….So please help . How to establish this business in Kerala……….Give me some example of small scale factory .. Please reply as soon as possible..

  13. S V Reply

    I’m Sonia. At present I’m working in an MNC. Due to some personal reasons I have to shift back to my home town. I want to do some business but I’m not getting an idea. I can invest up to 300k.

    I am a law graduate but only practicing won’t give me jobs. So please help me by giving your valuable opinion. None of the family member will support me, as they are new to business. I’m really in need of some expert opinion.

  14. I H Reply

    Dear, I have no idea about any business. But I like to open a small business in my home town, I have only 200,000 for investment, can you show me some good business that I can start with that capital. I am thinking to setup a juice bar or fertilizer shop, what can I start?

  15. E L E Reply

    I am graduate in computer science, can you please tell me how to get government grants / loan to start the business in USA? I am thinking to open small business and looking for grants from govt as I have heard they are usually cheaper by interest rates.

  16. L P Reply

    Hi, I have heard that BPO business is very profitable today. I wish to open my own BPO. Please tell me in which sector it is profitable to start a BPO business. Also let me know what is the minimum investment I need to start BPO and how to apply to the companies for getting projects. Please provide me with proper guidelines. Thanking You.

  17. R T Reply

    Hi. I have done Btech-CS and right now MBA-Marketing student. After completion of my degree I want to open my own business. I have a space of 300o+sqft in basement. Can you suggest me any good or multiple small scale business ideas?

  18. MN Reply

    I am 28 yrs having 3 yrs exp in bpo callcenter voice and non voice process knowledge on mortage, seo, data minning. I am looking to start own bussiness with $100,000 investment. I need your help to start own bussiness.
    Thank you.

  19. A Md Reply

    Look mates I am a student of business administration , before starting a new business or anything, you should develop an “idea”. An idea which can change you life, yourself and your mind. I know, i am just a student but i still have that much potential and mind that I can start my own business.

  20. K P Reply

    Hi Scott Sir,

    I am a working woman. I am married.I am working with Siemens Ltd,(Contract Basis)as a Mechanical Draughtsman. I am not satisfied with my salary hence want to do some small business.I have free time on Saturday half day and Sunday full day & after 6.00 p.m office hours. I want to start small business or work so that I can earn at least some money monthly extra. Could you
    suggest any small work / business.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

  21. Sapan s soni Reply

    I have good experiance of wire drawing. I want start binding wire small scale industries in kalol,panchmahal state.gujarat but i have a no capital so give guidance me how take a loan in gujarat goverment

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