Start a Private Security Business: Plan, Registration and Licenses

Security is one of the most needed services in this world. Security is needed everywhere weather it being school, college, business houses, auditorium, politics, and functions and till the level of ministers. Many of these needs are fulfilled by private security agencies and this business is in a great need. It is not easy to start a security business but it is not impossible.

This business is very lucrative and demandable. You can see security guards everywhere; Malls, events, nightclubs, banks and every public place.  Nowadays, security has become big business.

How to Start a Private Security Business?

  • If you are from some security background, your potential gets appreciated to start this business. Your experience gives a kind of confidence to your clients, employees and the government as well. You need a handsome amount of investment too.
  • But investment is not a big problem. You can get finance from many sources.
  • You need to secure all the licenses and permissions from the respective authorities to get your armed security company sanctioned. You have to go through a big legal process also.
  • Your legal record should be very clear and without any discrepancies.
    If your past records are not good enough, it would be very difficult to get permissions.
  • You need to create a proper business plan for your company and present it very well.  Your project should contain every single information about the business functioned.
  • You have to mention that what services you will provide how you will manage your employees, arms and other legal formalities.
  • Then all comes it legal things. You have to choose a name first for your security agency. You need to be very careful while choosing a name for your business. It should be related to the service that you are providing, the country you are functioning in etc.

Private Security Business Registration and License

  • You have to set-up an office which will be registered as the head office and all the legal and professional correspondence would be addressed to that office. You have to insure the office and make sure that proper actions are taken to guarantee the security.
  • Apply due diligence to your business enterprise and of your private security service company. You will need a TAX ID to fill your business returns and it also helps to acquire business loans. For this entire process, you should consult a lawyer to create an ease to your functions
  • You need to register your company as a private company in the register of company registrar. You need to purchase the business license and licenses for all your security arms. You can also have a tight security system in your office for the data security.
  • Now comes the question of staff. You have to make a decision that weather you want to hire your staff yourself or you want to outsource thus recruitment activity to some agency.
  • After completing all the legal formalities, you need to develop your client base. You need to have a strong PR department and a good public image. Once you gave accurate service, customer will come again and this is how you develop your business in every market.

So now you have the basic information about this business and you can go ahead. If you face any difficulty, you can ask your questions here.

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