How to Start a Babysitting Business or Agency Service from Home

Babysitters are in high demand, especially good babysitters who are dependable and available.  It is a good profession for those who love children and would like to earn a living while working from home.  Just being good with children is not enough to start and operate a babysitting business, however, there are a lot of rules and regulations to follow as well as licensing and other documentation that may be required to start the business.

Different Types of Babysitting Businesses

  • Before starting your business, you will need to figure out exactly what type of babysitting business you will be operating.
  • How many children do you plan on babysitting at a particular time?  This is an important question to answer because different states have different laws regulating how many children can be supervised efficiently by one person.
  • If you plan on having a lot of children, you will probably need to hire help.  Check your local state’s laws about the number of children allowed per adult.
  • Will you be holding your business in your personal home or in a facility?  The state laws regulate how many children can be within a building or home dependent upon its size, location and available facilities.

Babysitting Services Business Plan

  • Once you have decided upon the type of babysitting business you would like to operate and the expected amount of children you will be supervising, it is time to build the business plan.
  • The business plan outlines everything about your business and expectations.  Start with a short summary about the business and your plans for it.  Include a small biography about yourself and any certificates and/or qualifications and experience you have obtained.
  • Gather all financial documentation that covers at least the last five years.  You will need financial bank statements, tax records, and any other assets and liabilities.  Be sure to include the names and contact information for any financial institute past or present that held or holds your accounts. This is especially important if you are planning to gain financial support to start your business.
  • Finally, prepare a projection of your expected profits and losses over the next five, ten and even fifteen years.  Do some marketing research and include marketing strategies to help gain new customers.

Start a Babysitting Business Plan

  • If you are only planning on babysitting one or two children, you most likely will not have to do much else other than find your clients.
  • If you plan to have more than a couple of children, you will probably need a certificate or at least several credits in early childhood development from a local college.  Check with your local state laws to see the amount of children you are allowed to supervise with your current experience.  Attend child education classes to get needed credits and information.
  • Depending upon the amount of children that will be in your home, you may need to do some remodeling to your home to bring it up to the standards that the state or local laws stipulate.  This may include fencing, safety latches, windows, amount and condition of bathroom facilities, kitchen updates, security and so forth.

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