How to Start a Magazine Company: Subscription and Publication Business

A magazine business can actually be easy to start. The following are the steps to start a magazine, a profitable magazine.

How to Start a Magazine Company

  • It is important to determine what type of magazine will be created. A virtual one (on the Internet) or printed? Remember, a printed magazine will be more expensive to produce as there would be a need to have the pages printed.
  • What subject will the magazine be about? Plants? Raising kids? Study tips? Travel guides?
  • Who are the intended readers? Students? Moms? Dads? Ladies? Working mothers? Travelers? Pet lovers? Horticulturists?
  • What point of view should the magazine have? Should it be technical? First person? Entertaining? Educational?
  • Prepare a business plan.
  • Determine the amount needed to start the magazine. Find necessary funding or grant or loan. It might also be good to look for a backer, investors who can help the magazine. Remember, the first few months or even years of a magazine might not be profitable for the owner. The magazine will only be very profitable with wide readership.

How to Start a Magazine Publication

  • What will be the name of the publication? Come up with several ideas before deciding what to use. Make sure that the name is catchy and could grab the prospective readers’ attention.
  • What will be the layout of the magazine? Make a design for the logo and determine what goes where. What will the masthead look like? What will the cover look like? What should be placed in the centerfold?
  • Hire writers. Make sure that the writers are good. Check their portfolios. Is the writer well versed in the genre that the magazine will publish? If not, is he/she willing to learn?
  • When starting a magazine publication, it is important to determine where the magazine will be printed. There are printers that specialize in making magazines. How much will the printer charge per page? How many can they print deliver in a given time frame?
  • Give reviewers (and other important people) advanced releases of the magazine.

How to Start a Magazine Subscription Business

  • Identify target customers.
  • Identify the payment types that you can accept – credit cards, cash, checks, online payment methods, etc.
  • Advertise the magazine’s subscription fees. Give freebies or discounts for those who will order long term, for instance, free 1 month subscription for those who order 12 months worth of subscription.

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