How to Start an ATM Business: Plan and Tips You Require To Kick Start

Owning your own ATM business can be a very lucrative investment.  It is also the type of business that you can do on a part time basis while still earning a decent income. As people are carrying around less and less cash these days, they need to use the convenience of ATMs for their cash needs.  Starting up any business can be an involved process but the ATM business has some unique undertakings that need to be taken into consideration.

The Business Plan

  • The first step in planning to start a business is to put together a business plan.
  • The business plan will outline every aspect of your potential business.  It will be used to determine projected costs as well as projected profit margins.
  • If you are looking for funding to start up your business, a business plan is essential.  It will have all of your personal and financial information (bank statements, brokerage information, and financial portfolio) that a bank or loan company will need.

Types of ATMs for Consideration

There are a few options to research and consider before moving ahead with the start up process.  You will need to choose which type of ATM machines you want for your business.

  • Franchise.  With this option, you can buy a franchise which will provide training and support.  However, the cost can be high and the ATM locations may be limited to their approval first.
  • Leasing.  You can lease ATM machines, which will cost less up front.
  • Purchasing.  This will cost you more up front, but earn you more continuously.  However, you will also be responsible for repairs to the machines.

ATM Locations

  • After you have decided upon they type of machines you are interested in, it is time to search out potential locations.
  • If you opted to be part of a franchise, your options will be less limited.
  • Choose areas that are high in traffic such as near theaters, pubs, grocery outlets and so on.  The more traffic around your machines, the more money you’ll make.


  • The way you choose to stock your machine will depend upon the type of machines you have chosen.
  • If you have the funds, it is more profitable to stock the machines with your own money.
  • If you are borrowing money from banks to stock your machines, remember that there are finance fees and processing charges.  Some of these fees are used for transporting the money to the ATMs using security and armored vehicles.

Daily Activities

  • Once your ATMs are in place, you will need to check them regularly to make sure that they are sufficiently stocked.
  • If you are providing your own funding, it will be your responsibility to physically restock the machines as needed.
  • If you borrowed from a bank, contact them when the machine needs to be replenished.
  • Remember to check your bank statements regularly to keep an eye on the profit margin.

One thought on “How to Start an ATM Business: Plan and Tips You Require To Kick Start

  1. Abhilash Reply

    M. Abhilash working in a domestic BPO as team leader in sales process, Whatever I am getting as salary is not enough, thus I am planning to start my own business, interested to ATM Business in our suburb.
    Does it suits me? I am working from last three in sales so I have little bit confident, idea to sale n promote the product, I can talk with bank’s executives and can crack deals easily.

    Will u people give me any suggestion n investment planning? Waiting for u reply

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