How to Start an Errand Business: Ideas, Plan to Run Winning Business

We live very busy lives and sometimes we just do not have enough time to do everything we need to do in a day.  Businesses are the same way; sometimes they just don’t have time to order and/or pick up supplies, lunches or whatever else they may need.  An errand business can be a very successful venture for the creative and hardworking entrepreneur.  To start an errand business, you will need to be sure that you know the types of errands you are planning on providing services for, your targeted customers, and knowledge of the competition in the area.

How to Start an Errand Business

  • Before getting into the serious planning of your business, understand the different types of errand services available and decide upon the types you would like to offer the most.
  • Dog walkers make good money.  They visit their clients homes at predestinated times to take the family pet out for some fresh air and exercise.
  • Running errands for the elderly is another type of the business.  If this is something you are looking at, be prepared that providing services for the elderly do not usually pay as well as some of the other services; however it can be very rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Many businesses look for people to run simple errands that they don’t have the time to do or that they do not want to spend the time and pay for their employees to do for them.
  • Household errands are another popular area of services.  Sometimes people need house sitters when they are away, or someone to wait while a repair person is supposed to show up while they are at work or otherwise occupied.  Other people are looking for help in running errands, getting groceries, cleaning the house or doing yard work.

Getting Started And Running Errand Business

  • First, decide what type of errand services you would like to provide and to which targeted customer base.
  • Make a business plan that details your financial status for at least the last five years.  Luckily, the errand business does not require much startup fee so you probably will not have to look for investors to help start your business with financial backing.
  • Decide upon a name, logo and catchy phrase and get them registered with your local licensing office.
  • Research the types of insurance you will need for yourself as well as for your car.  Because you will most likely be using your vehicle to provide your services, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is properly covered for business use.
  • Contact city hall and your area’s licensing agency to obtain the proper sole owner license and permits you may need.

How to Market Your Business

  • Marketing is important to get the word out to other potential customers.  Research the area for the types of errands that you plan to provide to your customers.
  • If, for example, you are catering to the elderly and their needs, attend senior citizen functions.  Take business cards and flyers with you to hand out.
  • Make yourself and your services known to the community and businesses in your area.  Take out small advertisements in local newspapers and post flyers and posters around the area.

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