T Shirt Printing Business: How to Start and Set Up T Shirt Printing

Question: I am based in Dubai-UAE and I have been working here for 4 decades. Now, I wish to return back to my home country. I have a few great retail business ideas but I need advice to start.

  • I will need finance from a bank. I have a cousin who will help me run the operations as I will be totally lost as a new person.
  • I will need to bring a few machines and media materials, how much duty I have to pay?
  • I will need to rent a retail space in a shopping centre or a mall.
  • My cousin will provide me with the necessary T-Shirts and other clothes.
  • The concept and plan is to start a Retail T Shirt Printing station.
  • I have managed it here in Dubai with great success and I wish to leave my job and move ahead and start my own business of same.
  • I don’t know where to start please guide me Step by step.
  • I will highly appreciate your assistance and I will forever be grateful.
  • I know many people are tired of living here.
    There is so much we could do in our home country.
  • I know many people here who have good capital to invest in business but they are scared to go do business. They are afraid of getting cheated.
  • I have many more ideas and I need strong parties who can import fantastic consumer products.
  • Could you give me a website where I could find Importers and distributors of hair cream products, electric motor bikes and scooters and blood pressure reduction instruments etc?
  • I have an abundant list of key products that could sell very well in retail market.

How To Start And Setup Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business

Answer: Good to read your questions and great to see your enthusiasm in starting your own T-Shirt Printing Business. Well, of-course is nice idea to start this business, few tips I would like to share here. . .

  • Yes starting your printing business will need good investment, if you are taking loan from banks, always do good negotiation with them in interest rates, it sounds retiring but they do lower interests rates if you do negotiation.
  • A customs and import duty varies from state to state and country to country. It’s better to inquire at appropriate authorities, if you are abroad you can ask some of your friends to get more information on the same.
  • Regarding place, always try to setup your shop in crowded and posh area. As this business will require certain type of audience which you will easily get in classy areas of city.

Please let us know if you have any further queries, you can use comment form for any questions you have.

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