How to Start a Windshield Repair Business: Start Up Opportunity & Plan

Rocks, chips and other objects frequently fly up from the wheels of other vehicles or travel on the wind and damage windshields.  More serious windshield damages are caused by motor vehicle accidents and other acts of nature such as wind storms and tree branches falling on top of a vehicle.

 Professionals who know how to repair minor and serious damages to windshields while providing a competitive price to their customers are in high demand.  Starting a windshield repair business can be a lucrative adventure, but the entrepreneur will need to understand the business, know their competitors and work hard to build a successful business.

How to Start a Windshield Repair Business

The Business Plan

  • The first order of business is to put together an all-inclusive business plan that details your financial status and plans for how you will run your business.
  • Include at least the last five years of financial information such as tax returns, bank statements and any loans, financial obligations and assets you may have.  It is a good idea to add the names and contact information of the financial institutes that have held or currently hold your accounts.  This information is vital if you are seeking financial backing from a lender.
  • An investor will also be interested in seeing your projected profits and costs for the business for at least five years, possibly even up to fifteen years into the future.
  • A marketing strategy should detail the plans you have for advertising your business and the costs that will be allocated to the advertising budget.

Choosing the Type of Business

  • Before choosing the type of windshield repair business you’d like to start up, first determine how much financial backing you have available.
  • A Shop:  If finances are not that big of a concern, renting or leasing or even buying a shop in an industrial area might be the way for you to go.  Having your own shop requires liability insurance, costs for building upkeep and maintenance, purchasing the right machinery and tools necessary and other overhead expenditures.
  • Mobile Business:  If you don’t have a lot of financial help, a good idea is to start a mobile glass repair business where you go to the customer’s location and make the repairs on the spot.  You will still need liability insurance and be able to purchase the necessary tools and materials; however you will not have near as much of an overhead expense as you would with a brick and mortar building.
  • Franchise:  Another good way to get into the business without too much startup fees is to buy into a franchise.  The franchise will work with you to help you promote your business.  Franchises already have established clientele to help you get started as well as a reputation that is recognized.

Customer Base

  • Finding customers is obviously one of the most important aspects of making a company successful.
  • Research your area for car dealerships, vehicle repair shops and other specialty shops that may be interested in signing a contract with you at a cheaper rate than they are currently getting from their supplier.

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