How to Start Cell Phone Repair Business: Find Training and Opportunity

If you are technologically inclined and love to work with your hands, then a cell phone repair business may be just what you are looking for.  As with any business, it is important to follow guidelines and strategies before starting your business to help ensure its success and proper development.

How to Start Cell Phone Repair Business

The Business Plan

  • The business plan puts into words and charts exactly what you envision for your business as well as providing important financial and marketing strategies.
  • Start by writing a summary of your business as well as a small biography about yourself.  This will help you put your ideas together on paper as well as provide important information for any investors you might be seeking for financial assistance.
  • Prepare a marketing strategy that includes information on your competitors and how you plan to compete against them, the different ways you plan to advertise such as Internet ads, websites, phone books and so forth.  Include the area(s) where you are considering having your business located and the other businesses in the area.
  • Put together a financial portfolio that includes your financial statements, tax records, properties and other assets.

The Business Location

  • Decide where you are going to have your business located.  This decision may be determined somewhat by the funds you have available to use.
  • Many cell phone repair businesses can be run out of the home instead of a traditional brick and mortar building.  If you do not have a sufficient budget to rent or lease a building, then running the business out of your home might be the perfect solution.
  • When choosing a building for your business, be sure to investigate the surrounding areas and other businesses.  Make sure that the location gets a lot of foot traffic to draw in customers.  Choosing an area that already has a repair business nearby may be counterproductive and make the competition all the more difficult on your new business.

Starting the Business

  • Sign up for free repair courses on the Internet so that you will have a certification.  Customers like to know that you know what you’re doing and this will help reassure them of your abilities.  Continue to take courses throughout your business so that you are up to date on all of the changes and new technology.
  • Develop your business logo and any tag lines or catch phrases that you will be using in your marketing strategies.
  • Obtain a license or permit from your local city hall.  Depending upon the state where your business is located, this process can be different and have different requirements.
  • Purchase or obtain all of the furniture and accessories you will need for your business.  Research the Internet for great deals on cell phone repair tools and guidelines.
  • Marketing your business is one of the most important parts of your business’s success.  If customers do not know about you, you won’t be able to sell them your services.  Get a professional website for advertising and take out ads in local newspapers as well as posting flyers and posters.

Where to Find Cell Phone Repair Training

The best place to find training institute for learning “how to repair cell phones” is to directly look at the classified section of the local news papers. Nowadays many institutes are advertising in that way.

Another way is to directly talk with nearby cell phone repair station, try to be a friend first, then ask them for local institutes, if they know any.

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