Flower Shop Business: Plan and Sample Model to Start Flower Shop

Starting a flower shop business is not quite easy, yet not quite hard either. All you need is the will and some previous research to make it. Even if you do not have previous experience in dealing with flowers, yet you can start one florist but be prepared, that you will need to learn a lot, as customers will ask from you and they should see you as an expert.

Therefore, here are some basic steps for making a successful flower shop business:

1st You Have To Do Proper Research

  • You will need to research for a while, so prepare yourself for that.  First, you must look for an area where you have the reason to think that making a flower shop will be a good business. You would need some skills of making bouquet, or you need to find a person who would make it for you.
  • You must find the exact place where you will open your florists. The less money spent on it, the better. If the place has leasing options, it is even better. Leasing is cheaper than renting and it is automatically long-term.
  • You must find a wholesale flower shop, possibly in your area and ask them on partnership term, conditions, and rates. It is the better if you ask them after knowing how big your future flower shop will be as this also determines some maximum value of flowers needed for you. Determine a basic number for pots and for cut flowers. The cut flowers need to replace 1-2 daily, so you must be careful which ones you find successful enough to trust in their success and spend on them daily. However, the flowers and plants in pots can stay years, if they are well kept.
  • Do not go too exotic until you know perfectly about flowers. Do not forget that an illness is enough to make all your potted plants disappear in a couple of days, so do not keep too high a number too close and be prepared with the appropriate fluids for any upcoming disease.

2nd Thing is Action

  • You must check your own financial state and make a basic flower-shop business plan. After this, you must see if your capital will be enough or you would need to borrow from somewhere, in which case, your business plan will become all the necessary, especially with the foreseeing of future profits. Usually setting up a good shop together with all the costs would need around a USD 10,000 or a EUR 5000.
  • You must make a company concerning your flower shop business. You must ask for the normal regulations regarding tax paying and choose the type of company that is the cheaper to be done. You can get advice from the internet or a law office.
  • You must make the leasing contract and business contract with both the owner of the shop and with the wholesale florist.
  • Remember not force what you cannot do. You can start basic, and then according to your customer’s wishes as you can adapt extra services later. It is better to start alone, if you can work over there, as paying for an employee costs much in the beginning. Wait until your business starts to flourish. Until then, you can also train yourself in bouquet making.

Good luck to your new flower shop business, you will see it is not very hard, as it might seem in the beginning.

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