Grocery Delivery Business: Ideas and Plan to Start it from Scratch

Every home nowadays has requirement of home delivery of various things like grocery, foods and even flowers, on special occasions.

There is a large demand for delivery services in areas like grocery delivery, leaflet distribution and even errand services. Here are some of the ideas anyone should consider if they are intending to start a business.

How o Start a Grocery Delivery Business

Market research

  • Every entrepreneur needs to check out the market and find out all the information about the market as is possible.
  • There are two different types of market research, one is primary market research, this tends to be expensive, but the information provided is first hand from potential customers, so it is more valuable and specific.
  • The other is secondary market research; this is usually carried out in libraries, on the net, in government publications and even newspapers.
  • Some of the questions that would need answers include…
    • Are there customers that need items delivered?
    • How much would they be willing to pay for this?
    • Is there any competition out there?


  • This venture is built around movement of items, therefore it is essential that one has a car (that gets good mileage, an electric car would also do), and other necessities like a license.
  • A cell phone for keeping in contact while on the move is indispensable. An office would be an advantage, but this is subject to the amount of capital available, and can always be acquired later.
  • Some personal traits required would be punctuality, reliability, patience and determination.


  • Home and small businesses can be informed of your services through press advertisements, leaflets and posters.
  • Cold calling can be employed to market the business to isolated homes and neighborhoods in sparsely populated areas.
  • Most restaurants and businesses will be excited by the opportunity to use the delivery service as it will promote their cuisine or goods to a much wider audience, and possibly increase their sales.
  • Most customers will also be willing to pay for a service that offers quality and choice.

Basic Requirements

  • The basic requirement of any kind of delivery business is a vehicle in a good condition (that gives you good mileage), a valid driver’s license, and a cell phone.
  • As you expand later you may feel the need to set up an office. On the personal abilities front, good communication skills, good organizational skills, and a positive attitude towards hard work and resilience are extremely essential when you choose to begin a delivery business.

Business registration

  • The business will need to be registered; this is usually done at the local government office or commerce office. For tax purposes the business will need to have a tax form from the revenue collection agency.
  • There are issues like legal liability that will usually be considered, limited liability companies will not expose the owner to full liability for the company’s debts so are considered a good option, but these have mush stricter regulation governing their setup.
  • Sole proprietorship types have unlimited liability and the owner’s property can be auctioned to pay for the business debts if it defaults.

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