Jobs for Anthropology Majors: Great Entry Level and Government Jobs

Wide career prospects are in store for people who have successfully completed anthropology majors. People who have degrees in anthropology and work in related fields professionally are called anthropologists. These professionals have numerous career fields to explore. Popular job-title that attracts most of the people with anthropology majors is cultural anthropologist.

Under this professional capacity, anthropology degree holders can bag jobs in variety of career fields like advertising, public relation and academic.

Anthropology major with a concentration on medical anthropology can bag employment opportunities in community health. Other popular jobs for anthropology majors also include museum curator, museum specialist, program analyst and management analyst.

Entry Level Jobs for Anthropology Majors

Entry level jobs for anthropology majors are offered by both public sector and private sector. Some of the sought after entry level jobs for anthropology degree holders include:

  • Archeologist
  • Bilingual educator
  • Documentary film making
  • Genetics counselor
  • Historical archeology
  • Historical preservation
  • Information researcher
  • Librarian
  • Marketing

Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors

  • Anthropology majors can allow you to grab several great job opportunities in both government sector and private sector.
  • Teaching is one great option for anthropology job-hunters. It is believed that most of the qualified anthropologists in United States have worked previously in prestigious academic institutions as teachers and researchers.
  • Archaeology companies are also known to offer great jobs for anthropology in the country. These companies require the services of qualified professionals in anthropology laboratories, museum and on archaeological sites.

Government Jobs for Anthropology Majors

Federal government is the potential employer that has on offer prestigious government jobs for anthropology majors. Federal government has several anthropology departments, public health departments, cognitive psychology departments, linguistic departments and science departments. These departments offer lucrative job positions for anthropology major degree holders.

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