Jobs with Animals That Pay Well: Careers with Animals without Degree

There are several job options specially designed for people who have love for animals. In many instances, it is seen that this love for animals leads towards various career paths. Wide range of career opportunities is associated with animals. There are opportunities that may require you to remain in close contact with animals.

There are also certain job options that may require you to stay away from animals but remain in contact with them.

Careers with Animals That Pay Well

Let’s take a close look at some of the wonderful career options that can ensure you high career growth. A few of the most popular jobs with animals that pay well include:

  • Veterinarian Jobs: Veterinarians are in great demand everywhere. In fact, veterinarian jobs fall into the most sought after job category. This profession requires to remain with animals in close contact. Veterinarians are professionally trained people who have the qualification and degrees to provide medical treatment to animals. After successfully pursuing a postgraduate degree program, veterinarians require a professional license to run practice.
    These professionals are also employed by government (both federal and state) and non-profit organization.
  • Ecologist or Zoologist
    Your love for animals can also lead you towards other prospective careers where you would require to work as an ecologist or a zoologist. Under any of these job-titles, you would require to undertake research projects. Educational qualification that matches these types of job profiles is Ph D.
  • Animal Nutritionist
    It is a wonderful example of jobs with animals that pay well. A postgraduate degree in animal nutrition or animal physiology may bag you great career prospects. The jobs of animal nutritionists or animal physiologists generally require to take care health and welfare of the animals.

Jobs with Animals without Degree

Apart from the above-mentioned animal jobs that require degree programs, you can also find numerous jobs with animals without degree. Jobs that require working with animals in farmhouses or handling livestock and fowls can be bagged without having a university degree.

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  1. Karen Reply

    I live in Florida and want to pursue a career working with animals involving working with pets in a clinic, hospital, boarding facility, and kennel. Finding a job in Florida is like pulling teeth. They want to work an employee to the bone and not offer decent pay nor benefits. I am currently in a workforce 1 program where potential employers obtain reimbursement of employee salary for three months if they hire them via on-the-job training program. I have yet to hear from any employers. Any employer out there reading this My counselor is:

    Alice Hepburn CFWP III
    WIA Success Coach.

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