Want To Build and Start Mobile Coffee Business? ‘How to’ Plan

What you need for a Mobile Coffee Business

  • The first thing you need to have is a passion for coffee, service and business. Each one of these is important. Of the three, service will be the most important one. Your customers will depend and come back to you repeatedly for good service and of course good coffee.
  • Service is a multi-faceted word comprising the actual serving, the method of serving, and the product being served. In other words, coffee is served, but you will be doing the making of the product to be served, and what you put it in and how it is given are the methods that will determine the success of your business.

The Coffee Product

  • If your abilities are limited to a coffee maker at home, get thyself to a Barista School and learn not only the basics, but the beginnings to the endings of making coffee.
  • Learn about the different kinds of beans, roasting, grinding and final applications that make a great cup of java.
  • Learn the special items to add that make that cup of coffee special to the customer so they will come back over and over again.

Your Customer’s Habits

  • People are creatures of habit. If you have your mobile coffee business at a certain place at a certain time every business day, your same customers will come every day.
  • They will develop a habit of stopping for that very special cup of coffee that you serve them that tastes great every time they stop. They will come to know you and depend on you, and you will depend on them also, so don’t miss a day, or at least have someone else there if you cannot be.

TheMobile Business Plan

  • You will definitely need a mobile coffee business plan that is specifically geared towards your mobile coffee business.
  • This business has special licenses and inspections that must be adhered to. Make sure you have showing all of your licenses and inspections so that the consumers will feel safe in tasting your coffee.
  • Most business plans can be purchased for your field, but make sure you have all of your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed; both city and state rules. Follow all of their rules as fines are not conductive to a good business and you may risk losing your mobile coffee business all together.

Do your research

  • Do not begin a business until you have done the ground work.
  • What are you getting into?
  • What products will you serve?
  • Where will you get your coffee?
  • What is the best kind of coffee?
  • What kind of coffee makers and espresso makers are on the market?
  • These questions and a hundred more need to have the answer and direction to act upon before you venture into a business. Not researching is only asking for trouble.  80% of new and small business fail and many of them could have avoided this had they been better prepared.

 Plan for a Great Beginning

When you do your homework, begin initial investments, create a workable business plan, and settle your locations on where you will start, then, and only then can you go seek for your start-up investment. To succeed, you need a great beginning. Good luck! Happy Brewing!

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