Part Time Hotel Jobs NYC: Entry Level, Front Desk, Overnight Hotel Jobs

Part time hotel jobs in NYC are available to those who are acquainted with the work culture and requirements of the hospitality industry. Workers are recruited on a part time basis because such jobs may or may not require time. Moreover part time workers help hotel authorities save on cost and at the same time get committed work.

There are several part time hotel job openings in major hotels.

Entry Level, Front Desk, Overnight Jobs in NYC Hotels

Housekeeping Job: Part time housekeepers help to keep the hotel spick and span. They are recruited to assist regular housekeepers or as a substitute. There job is to provide guests with a neat and clean room.

Kitchen Worker: Chefs often need assistance of part time workers to make jobs easier for them. As a kitchen worker your job will primarily include cutting vegetables, cleaning and arranging utensils, and keeping the kitchen in a orderly state.

Cafeteria Assistant: This job will require you to assist the cafeteria manager to run affairs smoothly.

This usually includes small errands and other chores.

Wait Staff: The purpose of this job is to help guests carry their luggage to and away from hotel rooms. They also are at the beck and call of customers for support.

Beverage Worker: As a beverage worker you will be needed to do small chores related to the beverage section of the hotel.

Pastry Chef Assistant: Pastry chef’s too need assistants to help them bake and grill items. As a pastry chef assistant you are expected to have good baking skills and knowledge.

Recreational Assistant: When you assume this role your work is to help guests acquaint and use the recreational facility of the hotel

Yoga Teacher: You need to give yoga instructions to all those who are willing to undergo Yoga as a part of wellness being.  This part time job usually involves instructors to come in the dawn or dusk.

Travel Assistant: As a travel assistant you help guests plan their tour in the city. You arrange for cars or buses and also help them book flight and railway tickets for their onward journey.

2 thoughts on “Part Time Hotel Jobs NYC: Entry Level, Front Desk, Overnight Hotel Jobs

  1. M R Reply

    Hi my name is Marc. I am looking for a hospitality job in NYC. I am a hotel management graduate and having 2 YEARS experience in the same field… I can perform this work in a good manner…
    Thank you.

  2. Alison Passley Reply

    Hi my name is Alison and I have a little experience in this field however I need this job because I am a hard working person. I have been working with some local hotels in New York City, few years back, what is a good way to find jobs in nearby area, I want to avoid traveling.

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