How to Start a Bakery Business from Home: Starting Bakery Café, Shop

Many home makers out there or simply any individual who has a passion for baking can start their own bakery business. The task seems daunting, but with some planning, it can become a rewarding reality.

Thinking of starting a bakery shouldn’t boggle the mind too much. If the person has the talent and the passion to bake, he or she can start a business selling baked goods.

How to Start a Bakery from Home

  • A bakery business doesn’t have to start out big or require too much financing.
  • Many successful bakers and bakery shops started out with their own home bakery.
  • All these people need is a home, cooking equipment, ingredients, and eager customers and they are ready to start a home bakery.
  • A bakery business is the perfect business to start small such as in the home.
  • There are already ovens, cooking and baking utensils, as well as needed ingredients ready in the home.
  • With a home bakery, the baked goods can be tried and tested by family, friends and neighbors.
  • If the comments are good to excellent, then the home baker can start baking gourmet goods for orders.
  • Remember, before selling these goods, the appropriate licenses and zoning laws must be complied.
  • With enough profit generated, the aspiring baker can start thinking about expanding the bakery.

How to Start a Bakery Shop

  • When starting a shop, picking out the right location is important.
  • The location should be in an area where most of the old customers can easily access the shop and its baked goods in order to draw in new customers.
  • With a bakery shop, the aspiring baker has to be ready to handle more tasks needed such as bookkeeping, advertising, marketing, public relations, scheduling, computer skills and many more.
  • A bakery shop entails more responsibilities, more goods needed to be sold, and more hours of preparation. The business owner has to be ready to hire new staff such as bakers, servers, accounting, cleanup, customer service, transportation, and ordering of supplies.
  • The business owner then has to receive financial support for the minimum start up costs as well as the maintenance costs of running a bakery shop.
  • The shop must also have additional equipment for mass production of baked goods for a larger number of customers.

How to Start a Bakery Café

  • This is made possible when the business has thrived, capital has been reimbursed, income generated, and a good base of clienteles is established.
  • This part is easier because it means merely expanding the shop to cater to customers who want to dine in the bakery.

Always remember, that with every expansion, the appropriate licenses must be acquired and the necessary permits passed in order to keep the business going.

2 thoughts on “How to Start a Bakery Business from Home: Starting Bakery Café, Shop

  1. P.I Reply

    I am a PhD holder in Human Nutrition with experience of development of health foods/functional food items (biscuits/ snacks/breads etc).My husband is in defense so staying in one place for more than 3 years is not possible.I want to start business in London where my parents/relatives can help me.Please suggest me how can I sale my product to reputed shops/bakeries, as the well known shops are not willing to keep the products other than their own.I don’t have much capital presently to register as a micro enterprise or even a shop.
    If in future I want to establish my own brand how should I proceed and how much minimum capital I needed?
    Thanking and anticipating your valuable response.

    • HL Reply

      Hi there,
      This is Dr.GP, and I am willing to start a bakery business in London. Could you please help me about the same I mean to say what type of licenses and zonal laws and whatever are applicable here?
      Thank you in advance.

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