How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In US: Plan and Opportunities

Due to huge usage of plastic and need of environmental precautions, plastic recycling business is getting fame these days. This is a chemical based business where you can get help from government. It comes under eco-friendly business category. The details about this business are given in this article.

How to Start a Plastic Recycling Business

  • Plastic recycling business is modern business and very new to the market.
    This industry is in the growth stage. Opportunities for this business are going to soar in a near future. Due to mass usage of plastic everywhere plastic garbage is increasing. On the other side, awareness is also increasing and people are attracted towards using paper bags and recycled plastic. Here recycled plastic has a huge market as plastic is used in many things.
  • Plastic is a threat fort the environment and that’s why government is taking precautions against plastic. Government is helping to the plastic recycling business. A huge amount of plastic can be created by the recycling of used plastic.

Plan, Steps and Opportunities

  • To start this business, you need to have a lot of research on the same.
    This business needs technical skills and professional knowledge. You need to have detailed knowledge about the plastic and the industry.
  • Do your research on the chemicals used in this business, markets for those raw materials, process layout etc. You need to get knowledge about the machineries used in this business. Get the information from where you can get these machineries.
  • If possible, get some training under some existing plastic recycling business. You can work there and get the information that how this business works. Get the knowledge about chemicals and how to get those materials. Get knowledge about machines required and how to get those machines. How to get the orders from the market and how to sell your products etc?
  • Now you need finance. Approach various government banks for t he loan. Since this is an eco-friendly business, government will help for the financed and credit guarantee.  Prepare a business plan with future planning and estimated earnings. Develop a project report on that and propose it to a bank. If the bank will find your business potential, they will finance your project.
  • To run this business successfully, you need efficient, educated and intelligent people. Be very careful while hiring employees. Make sure that the candidate has enough technical knowledge. Marketing is business to business. You need to develop good network in the industry to get more orders.


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    Dear All ,
    My friends I want to starts small scale industries as I want to invest near 20 lac which one is better for invest but no real estate no fashion sector please tell me about plastic industries & cooking repacking.
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