Recession Proof Jobs (Careers) in 2011 – 2012 for Women and Men

Recession is the state of economy where economy slows down and business aces many hurdles. Many business entities suffer from the financial crisis. This state of economy creates many problems for the managers as well as employees of the companies. Companies start retrenching their excessive staff as a part of cost saving process.

Many have lost their jobs in the latest recession and suffered from the stage of unemployment.  But there are many areas of profession where recession doesn’t matter. Those are the recession proof jobs. These are the sectors without which we can not do. These are the basic needs of human life. Jobs in such sectors are never affected by the recession.

Recession Proof Jobs/Careers 2011 and 2012

Here are some truly recession proof jobs or career fields.


  • Education is one such career option which is never affected by any recession. People need education and that doesn’t change with the economy. This is one of the basic needs. In fact, during recession, people will concentrate more on education.
  • School teachers, college professors, coaching classes etc. are the various career options under education sector. Each of them earn handsome amount of money. Schools, colleges and universities will never close in any recession.

Energy Sector

  • Just imagine your life without electricity. You can not survive without energy sector. This is the most basic need for us in current era. In any recession, energy will never stop to be demanded. This is a recession proof sector. Career in energy sector will not be affected by recession.
  • You can be power plant operator, insulation worker, power line installer etc. All of them earn a good amount of salary. They also enjoy the security of job as this career doesn’t take downturn easily.

Financial Sector

  • People will be more conscious about their money in the time of recession. They will find ways of saving their money and utilizing it in the best way possible. They will interested in building strong portfolios and make attempts to make money out of it. All these services are provided by the financial planners. These CFAs, CAs, CFPs etc. are always needed people in the industry. The will toughly lose their job in a recession.
  • Needs are increasing and awareness about stock market is also increasing. So these professionals are going to gain rather than losing their jobs in any recession. In the time of recession, merger and acquisition happen. At this time financial people are needed. Thus this is one of the recession proof jobs.

Government Jobs

  • Government jobs are the safest jobs. Government can not retrench employees in any state of economy. Government is responsible for its employees. In any state of recession, government employees will be safe and tuned with their jobs. Government employees also enjoy the facilities and job security provided by the government. They have fixed salaries and timely increment programs.

Health Care

  • Again this is one of the basic needs. People can not avoid health care treatment due to recession in any case. Health care is always needed. This field has huge opportunity and it is getting commercialized on huge scale.
  • During the Obama’s administration, health care sector in USA ill grow and will get special benefits. Health care professionals are always demanded. Nurses, doctors, clerks, hospital managers etc. are the people who run the hospitals. They all earn good amount of money and also enjoy security of jobs.

One thought on “Recession Proof Jobs (Careers) in 2011 – 2012 for Women and Men

  1. JN Reply

    This recent recession has caused local and state governments to have budget cuts laying off police, firefighters, teachers and school staff etc. or causing government workers to take pay cuts. As people loose their jobs they loose their health care benefits. I have read that hospitals are laying off health care workers. Graduates from these feilds are not finding careers in these fields.
    Thank you.

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