How to Start a Band in Middle School and High School: What You Need

Starting a band can be fun, difficult, and very rewarding – or a flop! What direction the band takes can depend on a lot of things. So, it is best to be careful in making decisions, especially in the early stages of the band.

What Do You Need To Start A Band

  • First, find musicians: a lead singer, a bassist, a lead guitarist, and a drummer.
    Finding a musician who is also a song/music writer is great for the band. If it is difficult to find musicians who you know personally, try searching at local bulletins/newspapers or the internet.
  • In picking the musician to join the band, it is best to consider
    • Talent
    • Gender – is it an issue with the other members of the band?
    • Musical taste
    • Equipment
    • Band playing experience
    • Temperament
    • Compatibility with other members
  • Decide what music genre to play. This will affect a lot of things in the band, especially the songs the band will write and play.
  • Decide on the name of the band.
  • Decide on who the leader will be.
  • Decide on who should do what. Someone might be multi-talented and know how to play different instruments and could sing, too! It is important to determine who the lead singer will be.
  • Decide on the practice place – it should be in a place where the neighbors can tolerate the noise or there are no neighbors very close to the area.
  • Decide if the band would need to buy certain instruments.
  • Practice a lot.
  • Make a demo and promote.

    How to Start a Band in Middle School

    • Follow the steps above.
    • It might be necessary to find a band adviser.
    • Ask permission from all the parents of the band members.
    • Choose a practice area that is convenient and safe for all members.
    • Promote the band in school.
    • Keep practicing and putting up shows for school events. This will make the band known in the school and the community as well.

    How to Start a Band in High School or College

    • Follow the steps above.
    • Promote the band in school.
    • Promote the band in the community. Who knows? The band might be discovered by a talent scout and make it big someday. Remember, a lot of well known bands began as high school bands.
    • Keep practicing.

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    1. Jenanah Garvey Reply

      Hi I am Jenanah and I am looking for someone or even people to join my band. Ofc I am the leader but you lot are the player like one on the bass guitar ? and the other on the piano me the singer and also I will need a drummer. We could have 5 people in a band if one is ill then that other person take over for you

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