How to Start a Cyber Cafe

Hi, I am planning to start a Internet Cafe with Game zone in Chennai. Can you suggest me what are the things i need to do before starting the business? Please let me know initial investment Requirements as well.


If you have your own place then you require not more than 2000 – 3000 USD. And the things to take care of are the area, the environment, availability of internet, awareness of people etc. Once you be thorough with this much information, you can do it very well. It is really very interesting business.

Thank you.

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  1. Steve Willson Reply

    Respected sir,

    I just wnat to know that can I start a cyber cafe chain in India like Mc.Donalds have done? I want to stare cyber cafe chain on huge scale and I want to do it by franchaisee system. Can you tell me about
    the investment required, government formalities, socio-economical environment etc. I also want to know that how can I get franchiser in India. I will be thankful to you if you help me. Waiting for instant reply.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Steve,
      That’s a brilliant idea. It is really an innovative idea and if implemented properly, it can be a big success.
      For the government formalities, you need to visit the FDI website of India government.
      The socio-economic environment is absolutely favorable here for this business. As far as franchisers are concerned, you can get it done easily once you establish a brand. There are some agencies which help to get you these entities.
      If you want any more information about the same or other, you can ask your question here.
      We are here to guide you.
      Thank you.

  2. Scott Wilson Reply

    Cyber cafe business is a very profitable business that could give you over 100% returns on capital.
    The capital outlay required for this business is relatively less than 5000USD. Considering the level at which you want start.

    Technical and expert support is very necessary.

    just promise to share your success story with me because i know you are on your way to financial freedom.

  3. Hariprasad Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I will plan in star cyber cafe business in mangalore, Karnataka India,
    Please tell me how get in licence in this business please help me, my mobile no is 09967973665, email id –

  4. M K Reply

    Respected Sir I want to start an internet cafe in Chennai. But I don’t know what I have to do as the first step and I don’t have anyone to guide me step by step. Please help me step by step to open an internet cafe and what all I have to do and the requirements for it.

  5. GM Reply

    Dear Concerned,

    I have planned to start Internet Cafe in Bangalore. Any license required, how much it may cost? whom should I contact? what is the procedure? Any documents required?

    Please help me to go further.
    Thank you.

  6. AS Reply

    Hi Everyone!
    Ok, so I have a computer business in Teaneck New Jersey, and I want to start an Internet Cafe. I have no idea where to go, or who to contact for information on obtaining a permit for selling coffee and snacks. Do any of you know what kind of permits are required in New Jersey to sell Coffee and snacks?

    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      You can start a cafe where computers are available and Wi-Fi connection is also available for those who want to work on their Laptop. As a supplementary service, you can sell coffee there. As far as permission is concerned. you can ask this to some coffee vendor while talking casually.
      Thank you.

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